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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Mark Luccarelli Luccarelli, Mark Associate Professor +47-22856724 American Studies, Cultural history, Urban Studies, Environmental Studies, Politics, Political theory
Picture of Michael Lundblad Lundblad, Michael Professor +47-22856007 Literature, American literature, Animal Studies, Animality Studies, Disability Studies, Illness Studies, Biopolitics, Posthumanism, Cultural Studies, Critical Theory, Literary Theory, USA, North America
Picture of Eleanor McCausland McCausland, Eleanor Senior Lecturer +47-22858793 English, American Studies, British Studies, USA, UK, Victorian Literature, English Literature, Children's Literature, British Literature, American Literature, Ecocriticism, Animal Studies
Picture of Stuart McWilliams McWilliams, Stuart Senior Lecturer +47-22856713 English literature, English, British Literature, British Studies, American Studies, Irish Literature, Irish Studies, Aesthetics, Literature, Literary Theory
Picture of Alba Morollón Diaz-Faes Morollón Diaz-Faes, Alba Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22854968 Queer Theory, Fairytales and legends, Contemporary Literature, Gender Studies
Picture of Audun Johannes Mørch Mørch, Audun Johannes Associate Professor +47-22856746 Russian, Russian literature, Indigenous literature, Bakhtins
Picture of Sabina Nedelius Nedelius, Sabina Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22856924 English, English language, Middle English, Historical linguistics
Picture of Axel Nissen Nissen, Axel Professor of American Literature +47-22856889 American Literature, Gay Literature, Gender Studies, American Film History
Picture of Trond Gunnar Nordenstam Nordenstam, Trond Gunnar Professor +47-22856848 Russian, Translation
Picture of Wencke Ophaug Ophaug, Wencke Associate Professor +47-22856872 Tysk språk, Fonetikk
Opsvik, Tor Senior Lecturer +47-22844724 +4790782866
Picture of Juan Christian Pellicer Pellicer, Juan Christian Professor +47-22856893 Poetry, Eighteenth-Century Studies, Reception Studies, Shakespeare, Pastoral, Georgic, Epic, Generic Mixture, Alexander Pope, John Milton, Allusion
Picture of Alexander Peter Pfaff Pfaff, Alexander Peter Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22856902
Picture of Anneliese Pauline Pitz Pitz, Anneliese Pauline Associate Professor +47-22855975 German linguistics
Picture of Heinz-Peter Prell Prell, Heinz-Peter Professor +47-22856903 German linguistics
Picture of Riccardo Pulicani Pulicani, Riccardo Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22856745 Linguistics, Semantics, Syntax, Italian.
Picture of Krisztina Rácz Rácz, Krisztina Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22856901 +47-92511643 Transnationalism, Ethnic minorities, Multilingualism, Language education
Picture of Elizabeth S Rasmussen Rasmussen, Elizabeth S Førstelektor Engelsk Språk +4740602686 Engelsk språk
Picture of Eva Refsdal Refsdal, Eva Senior Lecturer +47-22855228 Translation Studies
Picture of Christian Refsum Refsum, Christian Professor +47-22844583 +47 93820707 Literature, Literary Theory, Aesthetic theory, Translation theory, Writing, Poetry, Love Studies, Film
Picture of Alessandro Regosa Regosa, Alessandro Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22857744 Italian, Italian Renaissance, Italiensk litteratur, Italiensk, Italian Literature, Renaissance Literature, Textual criticism
Picture of Anastasia Kriachko Roeren Roeren, Anastasia Kriachko Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22856890 Nationalism, Russia, Nation-building, Media use and media effects, Eastern Europe, National identity, Balkans, Image, Memory, Multimodal texts, Documentary, Media, Archives
Picture of Maximino Jesus Ruiz Rufino Rufino, Maximino Jesus Ruiz Professor +47-22844714 Podcast, Spanish, Spanish Language, Spanish grammar
Picture of Antin Fougner Rydning Rydning, Antin Fougner Professor +47-22856832 French, French Language, Translation
Picture of Anne Birgitte Rønning Rønning, Anne Birgitte Professor +47-22856741 Comparative literature, Literary theory, Gender and aesthetics, Modernism, Robinsonades, Historical novels, Women's literary history, Digital Humanities, Book History