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Research groups

Book History is an interdisciplinary field of research. We explore the role of the book as a material object, medium of literature and historically changing cultural artefact from theoretical, empirical and historical perspectives. Literature, in this context, goes beyond the poem, play or novel and comes to be seen as an expression of human culture more generally. 

The English Language and Corpus Linguistics Research (ELC) Group provides a forum for the discussion of topics related to corpus linguistics, particularly within English language research.

Seven people standing in a road. Men, women and children with bags. Wintertime.

This research group consists of scholars dealing with literature, linguistics, area and cultural studies interested in migration, real and metaphorical borders, and how these phenomena shape the individual and collective identity of the subjects involved.

We plan to investigate the diachronic and synchronic dimensions of multilingualism in Habsburg Central Europe and its links to the everyday experience, perceptions and cultural expressions of multilingualism among diasporic communities from Central Europe now living in Scandinavia.

“Temporal Experiments” is an interdisciplinary research group engaged in an expansive investigation of the interactions between literature, art, temporality, and the social world.  We seek to understand the different roles that practices and conceptions of time play in aesthetic experience and in everyday life.

Old manuscript with calligraphy and drawings.

The interdisciplinary research group brings together a number of scholars working on early modern literature, broadly defined as the centuries between 1300 and 1700.