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Cultural Memory Studies

How are memories transferred between cultures, and how are cultural memories important to understand identity? 

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Cultural memories provide a framework for belonging and understanding.

Photo: Jarli & Jordan

About the group

Cultural memories consist of a society or group's collective references to the past and provide a framework for belonging and understanding.

The research group gathers scholars from different disciplines working on a wide range of topics related to cultural memory. We examine cultural memory from different perspectives and within different language areas and genres.

We study:

  • Memories from different traumatic conflict situations – as represented in testimonies, in narratives from later generations and in fictional texts.
  • Transnational memory, the way memory narratives are transmitted between cultures. 
  • The importance of cultural memory for different understandings of identity, such as national identity, religious identity, gender identity.
  • The relation between oblivion and remembrance.
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