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Mediation of Migration (completed)

By exploring the prosesses that lead to news on migration and identifying their impacts, we examine if and how a media logic sets the terms for communication practises and decision making.

Five people in front of a yellow wall.

Øyvind Ihlen, Tine Ustad Figenschou, Kjersti Thorbjørnsrud, Audun Beyer and Anna Grøndahl Larsen

Photo: Eirin Cathrine Lade, UiO

Mediation of Migration maps news on migration. We explore their typical form and content, how they are produced and what impacts they have on public opinion and politics. We further compare the Norwegian coverage of immigration with corresponding news in France and USA. The comparative part of the study provides a contrasting background for the Norwegian case, allowing a grasp both of the particular and the typical traits of the Norwegian mediated debate. Finally we examine the role of the news media in the loops of information between Diasporas in Norway and networks in sending countries of migrants, adding to the knowledge of migration flows and the globalization of information.


Our primary objective is to provide knowledge on how the logics of the media affect Norwegian immigration policy, administrative practices and public opinion.


Mediation of Migration is an interdisciplinary and international project based at The Department of Media and Communication, University of Oslo.
A pilot project started in January 2010. The main project runs from February 2011 to January 2014 and is funded by The Norwegian Research Council.


The project includes  Toril Aalberg (NTNU), Kristin Skare Orgeret (Oslo University College), Rodney Benson (New York University), Jörg Matthes, (University of Zurich) and Espen Gran (Norwegian People's aid), Sareng Assiz  and Mohammed A. Salih (Sulaimaniyah University).

Professor and Head of Department Espen Ytreberg leads the project together with coordinator Kjersti Thorbjørnsrud.


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