Facts and figures

The Department of Musicology at the University of Oslo is the largest musicology institution in the Nordic region. The department provides research-based teaching on all levels within a broad range of subjects and perspectives pertaining to musicology.

Key figures for 2021

Scientific publications


Master's degree programme


Bachelor's degree programmes


Academic man-years


Research fellows (postdoctoral and PhD)


Administrative man-years


Budget (total)


Percentage of budget funded by external funders

42 %

Research projects funded by external funders (postdoctoral projects not included)


Research areas

  • Research at the Department is mainly linked to three traditions: history and aesthetics, cultural analysis and cognitive music research.
  • Musicology is a multidisciplinary subject, drawing on competencies in aesthetics, history, culture studies, pedagogy, psychology, sociology and computer science.

National commitments

The Department of Musicology has initiated the Musical Heritage Project (Musikkarvprosjektet), which is currently being established as a broad national and international collaboration between libraries and collection institutions on the one hand, and universities and colleges on the other. The purpose of the Musical Heritage Project is to protect, preserve, and promote sheet music written by Norwegian composers.

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