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Postdoctoral Research Fellow
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Room 323
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Visiting address Institutt for musikkvitenskap ZEB Building Blindern 0315 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1017 Blindern 0315 Oslo Norway


PhD Music (2015), University of Liverpool, UK

MA Music & Cultural History (2009); BMus (2007); BA Honours Music & History of Art (2006)University College Cork, Ireland 

Previously held academic posts at Listaháskóli Islands | Iceland Academy of the Arts (Iceland), the Institute of Popular Music, University of Liverpool (UK), St Patrick's College, Dublin City University, and University College Cork (Ireland).

Current Research

My work is primarily concerned with how music is used, experienced and mediated in everyday life, particularly by those on the margins of society. My current project Prisons of Note, aims to map the use, experience, and circumstance surrounding popular music in places of detention. Starting in Norway, this project uses mixed methodologies to gain insight into the complexities of establishing -- and maintaining -- music initiatives in contemporary state institutions.  

My first monograph Dangerous Mediations: YouTube, Pop Music, and Power in a Philippine Prison Video (New York: Bloomsbury, forthcoming) uses a multidisciplinary approach to examine the overlooked, every-day use of music in a prison. Using a localised case study, this book and related peer-reviewed articles in Postcolonial Text and Torture, ask broader questions about the use of music as a form of discipline in the digital era and challenges notions of music as an inherently positive force. 

Teaching & Supervision

I am course convenor for MUS2531MUS4531 Music and Media (Vår 2017 og 2018), and MUS4501 Aktuell musikkvitenskap "Popular Music & Dust: Archives, Memory, Heritage, Historiography" -- a new collaborative course taught in partnership with the popular music archive in Nasjonabiblioteket (the National Library of Norway) (Høst 2017). I lecture on the following courses: MUS2605 - Populærmusikkstudier (Popular Music Studies) and MUS2445 - Musikkens historie (Music history)

Current Master supervision projects include ethnomusicology, and folk music heritage. I have supervised Master and Bachelor students working on topics including: audiovisual media, app albums, popular music and politics, music and digital cultures. I'm happy to hear from prospective Master and PhD students interested in researching any of these areas. 

Previous Projects 

I was postdoctoral researcher on the AHRC-funded Music and Stories from the Archives project at the Popular Music Archive. Working closely with Sara Cohen (PI) University of Liverpool, this research and public-engagement project examined popular music materiality, and culminated in a curated public exhibition of music memorabilia at the Open Eye Gallery. I directed and produced a short documentary film Music, Photographs and Stories from the Archives that captured musical memories inspired by the archives. 

Additional research is focused on music ecologies, cultures, and place. As postdoctoral research follow with PI John O'Flynn, I carried out a twelve-month ethnography of Dublin's popular music experience, incorporating perspectives of fans (citizens and tourists), musicians, and music industry personnel. The results are published in the Mapping Popular Music in Dublin Executive Report and the research-informed Dublin Music Map. Building research partnerships between St Patrick's College, the Irish Music Rights Organisation (IMRO), Fáilte Ireland and Dublin City Arts Office among others, this project was shortlisted for the DCU President's Award for Engagement.   

I have life-long interests in community music, music as social integration, and inclusive music education, with a focus on music among Deaf and hard-of-hearing communities. I am the author of two reports on the Sing Out with Strings music project, commissioned the Irish Chamber Orchestra.


Academic Service, Awards, & Impact

  • Co-Convenor of Nordic Sounds: Critical Music Research Network, Department of Musicology, University of Oslo.
  • Editorial Board for Arts, an international scholarly open access journal, Switzerland.
  • AHRC (Arts & Humanities Research Council) Cultural Engagement Fellow and recipient of the Knowledge Exchange & Impact Bursary, Business Gateway, University of Liverpool.
  • National committee for the Society for Music Education in Ireland since 2014-'18.
  • Executive Board Member of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM) UK & Ireland, serving as Membership Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, and Ireland Representative, from 2011-'16.
  • Received the Cork Conference Ambassador Award (2014) a civil recognition awarded by the Lord Mayor of Cork, the Cork Convention Bureau & Meet in Ireland Programme as Co-Chair of the Local Committee for the International Association for the Study of Popular Music UK & Ireland Biennial Conference, held at University College Cork, 2014.
  • First recipient of the Institute of Popular Music 21st Anniversary PhD Scholarship at the University of Liverpool, 2010.
  • Research featured in news articles and interviews with BBC Radio Merseyside, The Dublin Inquirer, The Irish Times ("On the Record" and "How Music Works" features), RTÉ Radio 2, Dublin's 98FM Radio, and Liverpool Community Radio. 

Peer-Reviewer for:

  • Asian Studies (University of the Philippines)
  • Ethnomusicology Ireland (International Council for Traditional Music)
  • Kritika Kultura (Ateneo de Manila University)
  • Networking Knowledge (Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Association)
  • MUSICultures (Canadian Society for Traditional Music / La Société canadienne pour les traditions musicales)
  • Open Library of Humanities (UK)
  • Popular Music (Cambridge University Press)
  • Rowman & Littlefield International



Tags: Music and Media, Musicology, Media, Popular Music, Cultural history, Ethnomusicology, Music and Society, Music History, Nordic


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