Thor Holt

Senior Lecturer - Centre for Ibsen Studies
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Mobile phone +47 96676402
Room 231 HW
Available hours Wednesday 1–3pm
Visiting address Niels Henrik Abels vei 36 Henrik Wergelands hus 0313 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1166 Blindern 0317 Oslo

Academic interests

Ibsen, Nordic Literature, Film History, Adaptation Studies, German Cultural History, Modern Disaster Discourses

My research is mainly focused on the intersections between aesthetics and politics, between literature, film, and different socio-political contexts.

Courses taught

IBS2210/4210 – Ibsen i praksis

IBS2101/4101 – Ibsen's works: History, Text, Performance

IBS4102 – Henrik Ibsen’s oeuvre in the perspective of its reception history

NOR1403 – Norwegian World Literature

NOR2415 – Contemporary Scandinavian Cinema

Appointments and other projects

Co-editor of Ibsen Studies (2019–)

Guest editor of Vagant, no. 3–4, 2021, special issue on Siegfried Kracauer

International experience

Visiting scholar, UC Berkeley, CA (2021–22)

Guest researcher, Humboldt-Universität, Berlin (2015–16)


PhD in Ibsen Studies, University of Oslo (2015–)

Teacher of Comparative Literature, University of Tromsø (2014)

MA in Comparative Literature, University of Copenhagen (2012)


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  • Holt, Thor (2022). “Repurposing of Music in Early Sound Film: Grieg in Fritz Lang’s M (1931)” .
  • Holt, Thor (2021). “Beyond Adaptation: Ibsen in Weimar Cinema” .
  • Holt, Thor (2021). På kino med Kracauer. Vagant. ISSN 0802-0736. p. 372–382.
  • Holt, Thor (2021). Skrotplukkeren. Vagant. ISSN 0802-0736. p. 354–357.
  • Holt, Thor; Lindholm, Audun & Leivestad, Eirik Høyer (2021). Siegfried Kracauer. Det populære er politisk. Vagant. ISSN 0802-0736. p. 292–295.
  • Holt, Thor (2020). . “From Generic Labels to Reception Processes: Jaws (1975) as an Adaptation of An Enemy of the People (1882)” .
  • Holt, Thor (2020). Preface. Ibsen Studies. ISSN 1502-1866. 20(1), p. 1–2. doi: 10.1080/15021866.2020.1757304.
  • D'Amico, Giuliano; Muniz, Iris & Holt, Thor (2020). Forsnakk.
  • Holt, Thor; Rentschler, Eric & Bolt Rasmussen, Mikkel (2020). Doctoral Defense: Ibsen through the Camera Lens in the Third Reich . Ibsen Studies. ISSN 1502-1866. 20(2), p. 220–248. doi: 10.1080/15021866.2020.1834737.
  • Holt, Thor (2016). Ølkjellermennesket: Om Dietrich Eckart. Vagant. ISSN 0802-0736. p. 51–57.
  • Holt, Thor (2020). Far from Home: Ibsen through the Camera Lens in the Third Reich. Oslo 07-Media.

View all works in Cristin

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