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Environmental Humanities Research and Teaching

The Oslo School of Environmental Humanities (OSEH) an initiative to strengthen research, teaching and collaboration in the field of the environmental humanities, and to contribute to public and scholarly debates about the current climatic and environmental crisis. We are committed to strengthening critical approaches for researching and teaching about past, present, and future environments. We share a passion for multidisciplinary explorations and collaborative approaches that are inclusive of diverse perspectives. Our aim is to respond creatively to the enormous environmental and social challenges of our times. OSEH provides space for critical reflection and engagement with the aim of seeding, cultivating, and growing the environmental contribution of the humanities and interdisciplinary scholarship. We welcome everyone with an interest in environmental issues - within and beyond academia - to join our lively community! 

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Apply for Honours Certificate

Master students at the University of Oslo are eligible to apply for the Honours Certificate in Environmental Humanities and Sciences (EHS). The certificate runs in parallel with your main Master programme, over two years. 


Research and teaching at OSEH cover a wide span of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences. We believe that the current environmental crisis calls for deep cultural and social transformations. We need to better understand the values, ideas, ethics, and ways of life that have led to the present condition in order to reach a radical change. These are domains where humanists and social scientists have much expertise.


The Oslo School of Environmental Humanities (OSEH) experiments with new forms of teaching in the Anthropocene. We encourage our students to look beyond traditional academic confines and to acquire an interdisciplinary education that is appreciated by employers both inside and outside academia. 



  • Photo of a boat on the ocean, mountainous background, clear skies. Introducing OSEH Visiting Scholar: Oscar Hartman Davies

    We are very happy to announce that Oscar Hartman Davies will join the Oslo School of Environmental Humanities as a visiting scholar in the next few months! He is currently working towards his PhD at the School of Geography and the Environment, at University of Oxford, England.

  • Photo of porous, yellow sediment rocks Introducing OSEH Visiting Scholar: Lena Pfeifer

    Oslo School of Environmental Humanities is excited to welcome Lena Pfeifer as a visiting scholar! She is a doctoral research fellow at the Department for American Studies at the University of Würzburg.

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