Forum for Contemporary History (completed)

Forum for Contemporary History (FCH) is a group of senior historians, postdoctoral scholars and PhD students who conduct research on issues in contemporary history, and particularly recent changes in the political culture of Norway, as well as other Western societies.  In Norwegian

Statue of a lion in front of the Storting.
Photo: Heia Espen

About the project

The FCH aims to advance interpretation and understanding of our own times through an historical and comparative analysis of political and societal changes that have occurred during the last three to four decades. The focus of research is on the period 1970-2000, but we will also investigate the foundations of post-war political and cultural paradigms extending backwards to 1900.

The Forum brings together a number of subprojects within the fields of social, economic and political history, focusing on topics such as: social movements, family policy and feminism, the consumer society, and security and foreign policy. Through a shared emphasis on political culture, these subprojects seek an understanding of broader changes.

Communication and dissemination

The FCH places high emphasis on international co-operation, and contributes to international research through conferences, workshops and publications. The forum collaborates with other contemporary history projects, takes part in international exchange of researchers and students, and receives a number of visiting fellows and students from other universities. In addition to publications by individual members, FCH is responsible for the book series Issues in Contemporary History .

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Helge Pharo and Even Lange