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Oslo Mind, Language and Epistemology Network

Oslo Mind, Language and Epistemology Network (OMLET) is a research network for people in the Oslo area that work on the philosophy of mind, language, epistemology and related areas.

A glass sphere warps light - optical illusion
Photo: Pixabay

About the network

OMLET is a research network for people working in the philosophy of mind, language and epistemology as well as related areas, such as the philosophy of perception, philosophy of psychology, philosophy of linguistics, and cognitive science. The aim of the group is to facilitate fruitful interaction between research on these topics in the Oslo area.

Frequency and topics for discussion

The group meets fortnightly on Thursdays during term time from 13:15 to 14:30 to discuss work-in-progress by members of the group, or a selected reading. To receive information about future seminars, please join the group mailing list (link opposite).

Note: Seminars will have a hybrid format. See the OMLET Seminar page for further details.


Tags: Philosophy of mind, consciousness, Epistemology, Philosophy of language, Philosophy of psychology, Philosophy of Science, Cognition, Perception, Linguistics
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