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Perceiving Representations

The Perceiving Representations project will conduct a unified examination of our perception of three different forms of representation: language, pictures and music.

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We perceive representations in language, pictures and music by perceiving the objects or sounds that encode them. But how can perceiving one thing—for example, a sound—enable us to perceive another, such as a piece of music or a sentence, and is there a common structure to the perception of these different kinds of representations?

In this project we draw upon the latest philosophical and scientific research to examine the hypothesis that there is a common structure to the perception of speech, pictures and music. This affords an extraordinary opportunity to study linguistic, mimetic and musical forms of representation together, and to develop a novel framework for understanding key issues about how representation works.

Perceiving Representations will run from 2018 to 2022 and is funded by the Norwegian Research Council.

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News and events

  • colourbox18477315 Refined Audition: Music and Speech Oct. 14, 2019 9:30 AM

    A conference on the perception of music and speech as part of the Perceiving Representations project. In particular, we are interested in whether there are interesting similarities between the perception of these two auditory phenomena, and in gathering together specialists who are working on each to foster fruitful discussions and novel insights.

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