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Japanese Studies

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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Reiko Abe Auestad Auestad, Reiko Abe Professor +47 22856050 Japan, Modern Japanese literature and culture, Women 's position in Japan
Boberg, Ingvild Stipendiat
Picture of Florence Durney Durney, Florence Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22855589
Picture of Tomoko Okazaki Hansen Hansen, Tomoko Okazaki Associate Professor +47 22856380 Japan, Japanese, Linguistics, Sociolinguistics
Haugan, Ellen Benedicte Forsker
Picture of Nguyen Nhung Lu Lu, Nguyen Nhung Researcher +47 22856981 Whales of Power, Vietnamese fisheries, food choices, environmental economics
Picture of Anh Tuan Nguyen Nguyen, Anh Tuan Stipendiat +47 22844742 +47-22844724 Whale worship, Vietnam
Picture of Chiaki Nishijima Nishijima, Chiaki Senior Lecturer +47 22854273 Political Economy, Gender and sexuality, Race, Feminist theory, Queer Theory, Anthropology, Japan, East Asia, North America
Picture of Marius Christoph Palz Palz, Marius Christoph Stipendiat
Pedersen, Miyuki Tsuruta Lecturer +47 22856028 Japanese
Picture of Aike Peter Rots Rots, Aike Peter Associate Professor +47 22858385 Japan, Religion and politics, Shinto, Nature and the environment, Vietnam, Heritage, Marine mammals
Picture of Dick Stegewerns Stegewerns, Dick Associate Professor +47 22857121 Japan, Japanese, History, Politics, International Relations, War Memory, Nationalism, Film Studies, Food Studies, Popular Culture
Picture of Marcus Jacobus Teeuwen Teeuwen, Marcus Jacobus Professor +47 22856761 Japan, Japanese, Buddhism, Shintoism
Picture of Morgaine Theresa Wood Wood, Morgaine Theresa Japanese
Picture of Sonja Irene Åman Åman, Sonja Irene Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22854684 Environmental Humanities, Marine mammals, Nature and the natural, Political culture