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Jordan desert castle

Jordan desert castle.

Photo: Colourbox

The New Middle East Blog

Lecturers and researchers at IKOS's Centre for Islam and Middle-East Studies blog about relevant questions for the development of the region.



Bjørn Olav Utvik
Professor of Middle East History

Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies

The Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies (JAIS) is an international, peer-reviewed, open access, academic journal. It is also the world's most widely read journal in the field of Arabic, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies.


Babylon is the leading open-access Middle East journal in the Nordic countries.

Nordic Society for Middle East Studies

The Nordic Society is an independent and non-profit association for researchers in the Nordic countries working on the Middle East.

The Student Council for Middle East Studies

at UiO is dedicated to working for a good student environment for students of the Middle East.

Babel Film Society

Babel Film Society (Facebook) screens Middle East related movies every second Thursday at 17:00, at Auditorium 2, Sophus Bugges Hus. Free admission.

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