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Centre for Islamic and Middle East Studies

Overview of town with buildings and in the background the pyramids. Photo.

The city of Cairo with the Pyramids as a backdrop.

Photo: Colourbox

The Centre for Islamic and Middle East Studies is an interdisciplinary research centre that aims to promote understanding of key developments within the Middle East and the Islamic world through a range of academic approaches.


The research of the Centre investigates the traditions, history, languages, religions, and literature of the Middle East. We aim to understand the contemporary developments of Islam and the societies in the Middle East.

We study the Islamic faith and practice throughout the world, including Norway. We work with central Middle Eastern languages such as Arabian, Persian, Turkish, and Hebrew.

About the Centre

The Centre is an interdisciplinary collaboration working towards a greater understanding of the development in the Middle East and North Africa. Several disciplines at the Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages are involved in the Centre's activities.


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