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Centre for Islamic and Middle East Studies

The Centre for Islamic and Middle East Studies is an interdisciplinary research centre that aims to promote understanding of key developments within the Middle East and the Islamic world through a range of academic approaches.


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Research projects

Journalism in struggles for democracy: media and polarization in the Middle East

What is the role of journalists in the social and political polarization that has followed the Arab uprisings?


In 2016: How it felt to live in the Arab World five years after the ‘Arab Spring’

Democracy, political Islam and violence. How do these aspects relate to the realities of everyday life in the post-revolutionary Arab world? 


GreenMENA: Climate Change and Energy Transition in the Middle East

GreenMENA studies the human and social factors in energy transition in the Middle East and North Africa. Which factors influence ordinary people’s perceptions of, and support for, a green shift in the MENA region?


The Jihadi Document Repository 

The goal of the repository is to provide controlled access to source material in response to the growing scholarly interest in jihadism and militant islamism. The project is a collaboration between the University of Oslo and the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI).


Rebel Governance in The Middle East (RebelGov)

The role of kinship groups in the sociopolitical organization of insurgent proto-states.   



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Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies

The Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies (JAIS) is an international, peer-reviewed, open access, academic journal. It is also the world's most widely read journal in the field of Arabic, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies.


Babylon is the leading open-access Middle East journal in the Nordic countries.

Babel filmklubb

Babel filmklubb (Babel Film Society) screens Middle East related movies every second Thursday at 17:00, at Auditorium 2, Sophus Bugges Hus. Free admission.

Student Council for Middle East Studies

The Student Council for Middle East Studies at the UiO is dedicated to working for a good student environment for students of the Middle East.

Nordic Society of Middle East Studies

The Nordic Society is an independent and non-profit association for researchers in the Nordic countries working on the Middle East.