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Value Politics. The role of religion in international relations

A research initiative focusing on the role of religious actors and ideas in international politics.

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About the project

Value Politics includes several sub-projects focusing on the interaction of religious and secular values and concerns. Conflicts between religious and secular world views and the presence of religious actors within UN fora has been addressed in several projects. A comparative study of value conflicts epitomised in conflicts over ownership of religious buildings is currently under development.

In 2015 Value Politics was granted a 2 year post.doc., and political scientist and ph.d. from the European University Institute, Firenze Maria Birnbaum was engaged to develop the Value Politics project further. Professor of political science Olivier Roy, also at EUI Firenze was also associated with the project (2017-2019). A ph.d. position was granted to Value Politics, and master in the study of religion, Hanne Trangerud was won the competition with a project on vaccine sceptics among religious groups in the USA.


Value Politics is a research initiative by professor Anne Stensvold and part of the interdisciplinary RelPol-forum at IKOS.

Among our most prominent international collaborators are British professor of political science (em.) Jeffrey Haynes, Danish scholar of religion, Marie Juul Petersen (Institut for menneskerettigheter, København), and French political scientist Olivier Roy (European University Institute, Firenze). Among Norwegian collaborators outside IKOS, two scholars of religion should be mentioned: ph.d. Ingrid Vik and Christian Moe, researcher associeted with the Oslo coalition on freedom of religion or belief at the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights, UiO.  


Tags: Religion, Values, United Nations
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