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Field Work

Field work is a good opportunity to take a break from Blindern and gather first-hand information for your Master's thesis. Master's students are eligible to apply for funding to carry out field work or participate at conferences, seminars etc.

Fall 2021:

Deadline for applications fall 2021: You must apply well ahead of the date you plan to start your fieldwork, and no later than November 1st. Applications will be processed as they are received. 

How to Go on Field Work?

  1. Discuss it with your supervisor. Going on field work should be relevant to your Master's thesis project and must be approved by your supervisor. Moreover, your supervisor can give you advice on where to carry out your field work.
  2. Apply for funding. This should be done within the given deadlines (please see below). You may of course choose to go on field work without applying for funding. If you are eligible to receive financial support from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund ("L√•nekassen"), you may also apply for funding for field work through the following form: D-skjema (only in Norwegian).
  3. Submit the statement concerning studies abroad BEFORE you go abroad on field work. This statement is submitted through an electronic form. Funding will not be given by the Department unless the statement has been submitted.

Funding for Field Work

The trip/conference must be relevant to your Master's thesis and should take place in the same year the application is made. You cannot receive this type of funding more than once during your course of study.

Grants will be made of up to NOK 5000 per applicant depending on the number of applicants. Payment will be made retrospectively and is dependent on the production of receipts and proof that the trip has taken place.The expense refund form, receipts and boarding passes have to be submitted as soon as the field trip has been completed, and one month after the trip is completed at the latest. 

Please make sure to complete all parts of the application form by 15 February or 15 September depending on whether you are planning to travel during the Spring or Autumn semester. Funding allocations will be announced by email.

Data Collection

When you start planning your field work, you should discuss with your supervisor whether your material will include personal data and if it you need to notify the Data Protection Official for Research . You can also consider making changes to the project so that it is not being subject to notification.


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