Guidelines for Submission of a Master's Thesis at IKOS

Completed Master's theses may be handed in between 1 February and 1 June in the Spring semester and between 1 September and 1 December in the Autumn semester.

The final deadlines for submission are:

Spring semester: 1 June    

Autumn semester: 1 December

The thesis must be handed in to the department no later than 11 AM on the day of the deadline.

If the deadline falls on a public holiday, the deadline will be postponed to the next working day.

The department will not accept Master's theses that are handed in outside the dates indicated above unless you are able to produce a doctor's certificate and give it to your student advisor.

Submission procedure

1. Uploading to DUO (via StudentWeb)

Every Master's thesis must include a summary of not more than one page in length, placed at the front of the thesis. The summary must describe the most significant research findings of the thesis. In style and content the summary must be suitable for the media and interested members of the general public. This is a unique opportunity to create interest in and generate publicity for your Master's thesis!

You must upload your Master's thesis to DUO – Digital Publications at UiO before submitting your printed copies to the department. Please follow the user's guide to submitting a Master's thesis in DUO.

2. Sending your thesis to the department

You shall also send your thesis to Write 'master's thesis' and your name in the subject. Your thesis should be sent as pdf.

3. Printing at the University Print Centre ("Reprosentralen")

All Master's students are entitled to have their theses printed free of charge at the University Print Centre, subject to any restrictions provided for by prevailing departmental rules.                                                       

The procedure is as follows:

  • Your student advisor will send an electronic requisition on your behalf to the University Print Centre early in the semester you are to submit your thesis. You are responsible for placing the actual order. To do this you must send your thesis in PDF format to the University Print Centre:
  • The department covers the printing of eight copies of your thesis, one colour page for each copy. If you want to request extra copies that are not covered by IKOS' guidelines, you can make an agreement with the University Print Centre and pay the additional cost yourself.
  • Three copies are for submission to IKOS. The remaining five copies are for you to keep. If you have two supervisors, you will have to submit four copies to IKOS.
  • NB! The University Print Centre requires three working days to print your thesis. You are responsible for placing the order and for collecting the printed copies from the University Print Centre. Make sure you place your order in good time and at the very latest four working days before the submission deadline!

4. Handing in your thesis

You must hand in three printed and binded copies of your Master's thesis (four copies if you have two supervisors) to IKOS. The copies must be handed personally to your student advisor by 11 am. The department will not accept Master's theses handed in after the deadline for submission in the current semester.

Your thesis must be accompanied by the form for completed Master's degree AND a printout of the email receipt from DUO (which is sent to you after you have uploaded your thesis).

The department will not accept theses that are not accompanied by the form for completed Master's degree as well as the email receipt from DUO.

Restricting access to your Master's thesis

In certain cases, if a thesis is subject to restrictions it will not be made available online. In addition, the University Library will restrict access to the printed version of the thesis. The extent to which access is restricted will depend on whether the restriction is in place due to a statutory duty of confidentiality or for other reasons.

More information about restricting access in DUO.

Any restrictions that you wish to place on access to your thesis must be authorised in advance by IKOS (consult your student advisor). You must also submit a completed access restrictions form at the same time as you submit your thesis.

You will also have an option, when uploading your thesis to DUO, to prevent electronic access to your thesis. If you select this option only the summary will be accessible online. In either case (i.e., your thesis is subject to a formal restriction or you have opted to prevent electronic access), you must submit the full version of your thesis.

Field work materials

If your fieldwork materials are subject to a concession (i.e., contain personally identifiable data or sensitive information), you must also supply a copy of your agreement with the Norwegian Social Sciences Data Services (NSD). Besides this requirement, you are allowed to keep such data in your own custody. As far as IKOS is concerned, students are only required to retain such data until the examination results have been announced. This requirement exists because the commission may wish to view the data in connection with the grading of the thesis.

Note! If you need to enter into an agreement with the NSD, you are responsible both for doing this and also for informing the NSD when your Master's thesis is completed.

After submission

1. Examination results

Candidates who are required to undergo an oral examination following thesis submission will be informed of their grade on the same day as their oral examination. Other candidates will receive their results on StudentWeb.

2. Diplomas

Diplomas are prepared by the Examinations Office at the Faculty of Humanities and will be sent out by post after the examination results have been announced. During periods of high demand this process may take some time. Unless you have agreed otherwise with the Examinations Office, your diploma will be sent to the address at which you are registered for the semester on StudentWeb.

If you have any questions about your diploma, please contact the Examination Office by email:

3. DUO

Your thesis is made searchable 98 days after the deadline for submission, unless you have restricted access to your thesis. (See information above.)

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