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Children, Youth and Media

Two children each looking at their own tablet. Photo.
Photo: Kelly Sikkema/Unsplash

A research environment that conducts cutting-edge research on the digital everyday lives of children, youth, families, and parents.

Research themes

  • Digital risks
    • Risks that children and young people encounter in their digital lives.
  • Digital parenting
    • Various aspects of digital parenting including parental mediation, parental concerns and sharenting.
  • Research ethics
    • Ethical dilemmas related to research involving children and young people. 
  • Digital skills
    • How children and young people develop both technical and critical skills in their digital lives.

About us

The research environment "Children, Youth and Media" brings together researchers with a special interest in the digital media consumption of children and youths. 

We conduct interdisciplinary research and participate in national and international networks where we work alongside the authorities, industry parties and others working on similar issues.


We are interested in how children and youth use digital media, and how this usage is impacted by external factors.

Our researchers head and participate in several national and international research projects



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