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How do children and young people use the Internet, and how is their Internet use related to well-being?

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About the project

Digiskills will disseminate research about how young people aged 12-17 years old use the Internet and develop digital skills. Digital skills include skills, knowledge, creativity and attitudes that are connected to the use of digital media.

We draw in particular on research findings generated from the EU project ySKILLS ( ySkills investigates how children and young people develop digital skills and how this in turn relates to other aspects of their lives. 

Our target audience are policy makers, government officials, industry stakeholders and others, including children and adolescents aged 12-17, that are interested in questions about how Norwegian children and young people develop digital skills.


The main goal of Digiskills is to share research findings from the EU project ySKILLS. This project aims to enhance our understanding of the positive long term effects that digital media can have on children and young people’s lives and wellbeing.


Digiskills has received funding from The Research Council of Norway. Grant number: 309752, awarded for the period of 01.01.2020-31.12.2021.

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