Administrative staff

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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Stein Stølen Bjerkaker Bjerkaker, Stein Stølen Higher Executive Officer +47-22855073
Picture of Heidi Bråthen Bråthen, Heidi Senior Executive Officer +47-22844457 Employment Contracts, Travel, Fee, Purchaser, Invoices, Reimbursements
Picture of Julia Esther Eller Eller, Julia Esther Higher Executive Officer +47-22844342 Student Administration, Examinations, Fronter
Hedayati, Azam Higher Executive Officer +47-22850420
Picture of Målfrid Hoaas Hoaas, Målfrid Head of Administration +47-22844428 +47-91581132 Administrative management, Human Resources Administration, Appointments, Financial Management
Picture of Ingrid Bugge Stange Stange, Ingrid Bugge Research advisor +47-22858194 Research administration, Externally funded projects, Cristin (forskningspublikasjoner)
Picture of Anders Tangen Tangen, Anders Head Engineer +47-91611879
Picture of Mons Thyness Thyness, Mons Senior Executive Officer +47-22844960 Course Administration, Admissions, Fronter
Tolleshaug, Terje Higher Executive Officer +47-22854419
Picture of Anne Cathrine  Wesnes Wesnes, Anne Cathrine Head of Administration RITMO +47 22 85 44 89 SFF