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Olszewska, A., Coady, M., & Markowska-Manista, U. (in press, forthcoming in 2022). Language planning, linguistic imperialism, and English language teacher education in post-Soviet Poland: A review of literature. In L. McCallum (Ed.), English Language Teaching: Theory and Practice across the Region. Springer.

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  • Olszewska, Aleksandra Ita & Coady, Maria (2022). Radical multilingual spaces of hope for refugee-background students in Poland: Transformative language policies and practices.
  • Olszewska, Aleksandra Ita (2022). “JustWork”: In pursuit of linguistic justice in the workplace for Polish migrants to Norway .
  • Olszewska, Aleksandra Ita (2022). Multilingual identities of immigrant-background students: Polyphonic counter-stories in self-portraits and poems at the intersection of cultures and languages. .
  • Olszewska, Aleksandra Ita (2022). “They say that we are refugees… so we are them”: Refugee-background students’ reaction to the refugee term.
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  • Olszewska, Aleksandra (2021). “I am from Islam and K-pop”: Refugee-background students’ identities and language identities in becoming.
  • Olszewska, Aleksandra (2021). Let’s call the whole thing off?
  • Olszewska, Aleksandra (2021). Multilingual policies and practices with immigrant and refugee-background students: School at crossroads in Poland. .
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  • Olszewska, Aleksandra (2021). “I know seven languages”: Refugee-background youth’s counter stories for social justice.

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