• hustvedt Public Lecture: Siri Hustvedt on Poetic Logic 27. mai 2019

    Siri Hustvedt, renowned author of novels, poems, essays as well as non-fiction, will use her own mother and Jane Austen as starting point for a discussion of the cognitive sciences and the workings of the mind in a lecture entitled “Poetic Logic”.

  • skjermbilde-2019-05-15-kl.-13.26.11 Kant on Revolution 29. mai 2019
  • cropped_adelaide-crafternoon_45219653654_o_(45754514175) Sustainable Mindsets: How to educate for the future? Environmental Lunchtime Discussion 29. mai 2019

    How to change educational institutions in times of climate crisis and species extinction? How to "green" schools and universities to build a livable future? This week, we have invited Sidsel Roalkvam , Director of the Centre for Development and the Environment (SUM) at UiO to talk about sustainability in education.

  • arstad Disputas: Rex Bellicosus 31. mai 2019

    Cand. Philol. Knut Peter Lyche Arstad ved Institutt for arkeologi, konservering og historie vil forsvare sin avhandling for graden dr.philos: Rex Bellicosus. Strategi, taktikk og feltherreegenskaper i Norge på 1200-tallet.

  • hellevik Disputas: Intimitetens mørke side 4. juni 2019

    Master Per Moum Hellevik ved Institutt for medier og kommunikasjon vil forsvare sin avhandling for graden ph.d.: The Dark Side of Intimacy - Exploring Teenage Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse in an Individualized and Digitalized Society.