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i dag apr.
Bildet viser en haug med løv i en bøkeskog
Tid og sted: 15. apr. 2021 12:3013:30, Zoom

Hvordan brukes vikinghistorie i reenactmentmiljøet i dag? Hvilken rolle har høyreekstreme spilt og spiller i bruken av vikinghistorien? Hvilken effekt har dette på reenacmentmiljøet?

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Image may contain: Sky, Mountain, Slope, Cloud, Highland.
Tid og sted: 21. apr. 2021 12:1513:00, CET. Register for webinar on Zoom.

The UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) estimates that 75% of UK consumers' carbon emissions come from the use of products and services. We also know that 80% of the environmental impacts of those products and services are determined in the early stages of design (EU). These two figures tell us that sustainability is chiefly about stuff and that the impacts of products or services are pretty much designed-in (or out for that matter) from the very outset; “Design is the problem as well as the solution”. Jannicke Hølen, programme leader Innovation for All, and Knut Bang, Senior Advisor of Design at DOGA (Design og arkitektur Norge), propose the following: If environmentalism's success was in spotlighting sustainability problems to the world, the success of design will be in helping deliver solutions.

Bildet kan inneholde: briller, hår, hode, smil, øyenbryn.
Tid og sted: 22. apr. 2021 12:3013:30, Zoom

Velkommen til en spennende samtale om skeiv historie, utfordringer knyttet til det å skrive skeiv historie og den kontroversielle og frem til nå uutforskede tesen om at Sigrid Undset elsket kvinner. Med oss har vi professorer i henholdsvis historie og kulturvitenskap, Christine Myrvang og Tone Hellesund.

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Tid og sted: 28. apr. 2021 12:1513:00, CET. Register for webinar on Zoom.

Frits Thaulow (1847-1906) was in his own time often referred to as the painter of "the Stream, the Snow and the Night." To this one can add "Smoke". In many of his most captivating landscapes, Thaulow captured signs of modern industry such as smoke from factory chimneys, and steam from trains. Øystein Sjåstad, associate professor in art history at the Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas offers his perspectives on the beautification of pollution.

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Tid og sted: 12. mai 2021 12:1513:00, CET. Register for webinar on Zoom.

There has been proposed to establish a national park in Østmarka south of Oslo. It will eventually be the first one in a lowland coniferous forest in Norway. In this talk, professor Leif Ryvarden, professor in mycology at the University of Oslo, will give us his perspectives on the many national parks around Norway.

Image may contain: Bird, Leaf, Feather, Beak, Signage.
Tid og sted: 19. mai 2021 12:1513:00, CET. Register for webinar on Zoom.

What messages are coded through the nonhuman voice? How do animals witness, record, and replay the sounds of anthropogenic incursion? How might their calls pluralize human narratives of extinction and biodiversity loss? This talk will consider bird mimicry as an agential and unsettling sonic facsimile, sent live and direct from The Field. Mark Peter Wright, postdoctoral researcher at CRiSAP, University of the Arts, London, shares his research.