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05 okt.
A woman is listening to music on her earphones in a greenhouse.
Tid og sted: 5. okt. 2022 15:1516:30, 12th floor Niels Treschows hus

The environment is having a massive impact on music, changing what music is and how it comes to be, not just what it is about or how it sounds. In this lecture, Dr. Kyle Devine, professor of musicology at UiO, presents the nuances in this Great Recomposition, and the importance of overriding our defaults. 

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Tid og sted: 13. okt. 2022 15:1516:30, 12th floor Niels Treschows hus

How has our understandings of relations between soil, plants, and fungi have changed over time? In this lecture, professor of anthropology Dr. Michael J. Hathaway will explore the role of fungal mycelium in engaging the soil matrix.

Doctoral candidate Thierry-Olivier Ford
Tid og sted: 14. okt. 2022 12:30, Gamle festsal

Master Thierry-Olivier Ford at the Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History will defend his dissertation Revisiting the surface, Edvard Munch and varnishes. A group case study and non-invasive approach to conservation decision-making for painting collections for the degree of philosophiae doctor (PhD).

Image may contain: Bedrock, Organism, Font, Sleeve, Rectangle.
Tid og sted: 17. okt. 2022 16:0017:30, Zoom

Un-earthed's first reading group session of the fall semester, on the topic of terraforming. 

Mushrooms cropping up between two pieces of wood.
Tid og sted: 18. okt. 2022 12:0017:00, Room 120, Harriet Holters hus

How do we maintain or restore the diverse functions and processes in soil that foster soil resilience and provide a buffer against climate-change induced changes? In this highly interactive and sensory workshop, natural historian and environmental photographer Dr. Alison Pouliot, provide an overview of the vital significance of fungi in soils.

Mushrooms cropping up between pieces of wood.
Tid og sted: 19. okt. 2022 16:0018:00, Sognsvann, by the kiosk

Many of a forest's vital processes happen beneath the soil, out of sight. However, their are clues to the clandestine collaborations between fungi and plants and animals. In this walkshop, natural historian and environmental photographer Alison Pouliot, takes us deep into the forest to discover its diversity, explore ideas and rethink fungus-forest lives.