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Emneord: Japan, Japansk, Historie, Politik, International Relations, War, Memory, Populærkultur, Film, Food Studies


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  • Stegewerns, Dick (2017). Het Film-Oeuvre van Mikio Naruse - Sterke Vrouwen en Alledaagse Misere. EYE Filmmuseum Amsterdam.  2 s.
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2017). Naruse Mikio in Vogelvlucht. EYE Filmmuseum Amsterdam.  2 s.
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2016). Mikio Naruse: Sterke Kvinner og Hverdagsmisaere. Norwegian Film Institute.  2 s.

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  • Stegewerns, Dick (2017). An Analysis of the Genre of Melodrama in Japanese Cinema.
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2017). Japanske Klassikere - Kaerlighedens Smerte - Film retrospective.
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2017). Mikio Naruse - Onbekende Meester van de Japanse Cinema - Film retrospective.
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2017). Naruse Mikio: Films of Strong Women and Everyday Misery.
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2016). A review of Jung-Sun N. Han, An Imperial Path to Modernity – Yoshino Sakuzo and a New Liberal Order in Asia, 1907-1937. Journal of Japanese Studies.  ISSN 0095-6848.  41(1), s 201- 205
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2016). An Overview and Analysis of the Oeuvre of Film Director Naruse Mikio.
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2016). And the Battle Continues - Eternal Zero and other recent Japanese War Films.
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2016). Deconstructing Kokushu - The Promotion of Sake as Japan’s National Alcohol Drink in Times of Crisis in the Sake Industry.
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2016). From the Chinese World Order to the Japanese Modern Mindset - Japanese Views of the Outside World from the Early Modern Period up until the Present day.
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2016). Horie Kiichi – Economic Internationalist in Interwar Japan.
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2016). Kawase Naomi - Personal Images of Undocumented Japan.
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2016). Mikio Naruse: Sterke Kvinner og hverdagsmisaere - Film retrospective.
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2016). Pokemon Rules? - The Global Spread of Japanese Visual Popular Culture.
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2016). Revisionism in Motion: Coping with the Japanese Red Army Past in Film, Documentary and Manga.
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2016). Soshite senso ga tsuzuku - Eien no Zero nado saikin no senso eiga wo bunseki suru.
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2016). The Cinematic Reconstruction of East Asia, 1945-1965: Depiction of the National Self and the Asian Other in Postwar Japanese War Films.
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2015). 21st Century Japanese War Films - Continuity and change.
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2015). A Postwar History of Sake - In Japan and Outside.
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2015). ATG - Reddende Engel van de Japanse Film in de Jaren 60 en 70.
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2015). An Analysis of Postwar Japanese Melodrama.
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2015). Asianism in Japan during the Interwar Period.
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2015). Compassion in Ozu Yasujiro's Late Spring.
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2015). Continuity and Change in Japanese War Films.
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2015). De Japanse Cinema in Oorlog en Bezetting.
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2015). De Shochiku Nouvelle Vague - Experiment binnen een Grote Studio.
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2015). Deconstructing Kokushu - Promoting Sake as Japan's National Alcohol Drink in Times of Crisis in the Sake Industry.
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2015). Eros Plus Massacre - Yoshida Kiju's Masterpiece.
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  • Stegewerns, Dick (2015). Koreeda Hirokazu - Film and Manga in Our Little Sister.
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  • Stegewerns, Dick (2015). Tragische Liefde in de Japanse Cinema film retrospective.
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2015). Tragisk Kjaerlighet i Japansk Film.
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  • Stegewerns, Dick (2014). Contemporary Japanese Society from the Perspective of Japanese Popular Culture.
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2014). Mensen van Kyoto - Foto's van Kai Fusayoshi photo exhibition.
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  • Stegewerns, Dick (2013). Koji Wakamatsu & Adachi Masao film retrospective.
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2013). Koji Wakamatsu and Adachi Masao - Revolution in Pink.
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2013). Masahiro Kobayashi - film retrospective.
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2013). Officers and Gentlemen – Japanese Postwar Films on Wartime Leaders.
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2013). Patterns of Japanese War Memory as Depicted in Postwar Japanese War Films.
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2013). Sacred Missions and Human Torpedoes – Japanese Submarine War Films.
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  • Stegewerns, Dick (2012). Art Theatre Guild of Japan film retrospective.
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2012). Art Theatre Guild of Japan film retrospective.
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2012). Continuities in Japanese Views of a Unique Role on the World Stage in between East and West.
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2012). Det Eksperimentelle Filmlaboratoriet - Filmer Fra Art Theatre Guild of Japan.
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2012). From Political Instrument to Medium of Exoticism: The Reception of Japanese Film in the Netherlands.
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2012). Negotiating the Second World War in Present-Day Japanese Society.
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  • Stegewerns, Dick (2012). Patterns of Japanese War Memory as Depicted in Postwar Japanese War Films.
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2012). Reconsidering the Taishō period.
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2012). Teaching ‘the War’ through Japanese Popular Culture.
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2012). The Art Theatre Guild of Japan - Low-Budget Japanese Experimental Cinema of the 1960s and 1970s.
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2012). The Art Theatre Guild of Japan - Saving Angel of the Japanese Film Industry during the Decades of Crisis.
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2011). From Taisho Democracy to TV Democracy - A Comparative Analysis of Prewar, Postwar and Contemporary Japanese Democracy.
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2011). Japan Undefeated - The Post-Occupation Body of Revisionist War Films by Shin-Toho.
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2011). Japanese Society and Politics after the Great Tohoku Eartquake - Heroes and Villains, Victims and Leaders. The Netherlands-Japan Review.  2(2)
  • Stegewerns, Dick (2011). Ozawa Ichiro and Japan's Political 'Revolution'. The Netherlands-Japan Review.  2(4)
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