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Norwegian Language and Literature Courses for those with a Foreign-Language Perspective

These courses are aimed mainly at these groups:

  • International students who have studied Norwegian at the higher level (B2 or C1 level) and wish to improve their Norwegian skills and knowledge.
  • Incoming international students who wish to study Norwegian in order to teach Norwegian in their homeland.
  • Norwegian students who took Norwegian as a second language in high school, or have other reasons for wanting to further develop their knowledge and skills in Norwegian.

All together are there six subjects, four that focus on the language itself, and two that focus specifically on literature. Each of the courses are 10 credits.

These courses are available each autumn:

These courses are available in the spring semester (on an irregular basis):

Combination options

Four of these courses (40 credits) may be taken together as a subject group as a part of a bachelor`s program, but this only applies to certain programs. Please contact your program for further information. When taken as a part of a 40-group, at least three courses must be in the language or applied linguistics category, while the fourth course may be a literature course.

For more information about subject groups, see the following page (Norwegian only):

These courses does not provide sufficient preparation for teaching Norwegian in Norwegian schools.

Contact information:

For questions about this area of study, please contact the study advisor.


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