Thesis Format

The following guidelines apply for the format of your thesis at the Department of Media and Communication:

Ordinary master's thesis, 60 ECTS 

  • The master’s thesis is a dissertation between 80 and 100 pages, including body text and notes.
  • Reference list, front page, etc., come in addition.
  • Please consult the program description for specific requirements to your master thesis

Practical master's thesis, 60 ECTS 

  • The theoretical part should contain between 60 and 65 pages, including body text and notes
  • Reference list, front page etc. come in addition.
  • The practical part is submitted separately.
  • Please consult the program descritption for specific requirements for your master thesis.

What is a normal page?

  • A written sheet in A4-format, including margins on the left and right side;
  • Top margins and bottom margins of at least 2.5 cm;
  • The line spacing should be 1.5 with a font size of 12;
  • A font no smaller than Times New Roman size 12;
  • All pages must be numbered at the bottom of thepage, either in the middle or alternating right-left side every other page.

A smaller font may be used in tables, figures, foot notes and the bibliography, as long as the readability is preserved.


A thesis must have a preface containing the name of your supervisor and which semester the supervision has taken place. Example: Supervisor: NAME (spring 2018-spring 2019).


It is customary to thank all those who have contributed positively to conducting the research and writing the thesis, in the preface.  


  • The thesis should include an abstract of maximum 1 page.
  • The abstract should include the most important research results.
  • Remember that the abstract is written for the media and outsiders who do not know your research. We use the information in the abstracts when publishing informasjon about your master thesis' presentation on the Department's website. Use this opportunity to show the world what you have achieved!

Front page

We recommend you to have a look at the templates produced by the University's library. If you decide not to use the template, please remember that the front page should include the following information:

  • Title of your thesis, and subtitle, if any
  • Your full name
  • Master's thesis in SUBJECT (according to your study programme)
  • University of Oslo
  • Department of Media and Communication
  • Date: xx.xx.20xx

Template for master thesis

The University Library have made a template for master thesis' in Word-format.


If you have any questions, the answer is just one email away - ask us in the IMK's section of studies!

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