Master's reading rooms and lockers

Master's students at the IMK may apply for a permanent desk in one of our reading rooms. 

IMK has three reading rooms:
• Master’s reading room 415 (2nd floor)
• Master’s reading room 231 (floor 0)
• Shared reading room, room 232 (floor 0)

Use of the facilities requires that you familiarize yourself with the information provided on this site, as well as the reading room regulations.

Access to the reading rooms

The active student card acts as a key card (only for students admitted to the programs affiliated with the IMK)
• All admitted students have access to the shared reading room (room 232) on a drop-in basis in normal circumstances. Due to corona virus measures, the room is now allocated to permanent desks. 
• Master's students can apply for a permanent desk in the master's reading rooms.

Problems with access?

• Check if the card is still valid.
• Are you typing the correct PIN?

If the card has expired, or you have forgotten the PIN code, you must contact the SiO Customer Center to issue a new card or get a new PIN code. If you still do not have access, send an email to with your name, study program, and card number (located on the back of the student card).

Permanent desk in a master’s reading room

The Master's students at the IMK may apply apply for a permanent desk in one of the master's reading rooms each semester, by September 1 for the fall semester, and by February 1 for the spring semester. The application is processed by the study administration and you will receive a mail about applying before the deadline each semester.

NB! You must renew your application every term even if you have had a permanent desk in the previous term. You will retain your present place if you apply within the deadline. Remember that you must inform us by sending an email to if you are no longer a student, if you have submitted your master’s thesis, if you take a leave from the studies, or if you of other reasons are no longer using your desk.

Using the master’s reading rooms

• You can apply for a permanent desk only if you are using the desk for a minimum of three days a week. 
• Allotted desks must be taken in use by October 1 for the fall semester and March 1 for the spring semester. If the desk is not taken in use, it will be allocated to the students on the waiting list.

Allocation of desks

Desks are allocated according to the following priorities:
1. Students in their 4th semester (submission term)
2. -//-- 3rd semester
3. 5th semester (overtime)
4. 6th semester (overtime)
5. 2nd semester


IMK students (both BA and MA) can make use of the lockers on the ground floor. Before taking a locker in use, please do the following:
• label the cabinet with your name and program year (upstart). Unnamed lockers which are still locked, will be opened on a regular basis, and the contents removed. 
• buy a lock
Usage of the lockers is on your own responsibility. Please remember to empty the locker after the graduation!

Something malfunctioning?

• Missing or defective equipment belonging to the reading room should reported to
• Any problems with the PCs in the pc room on the ground floor, should be reported to the HF Student-IT.
• Use the RICOH pull print printers on the second floor. You will need your student card to print out. Read more about printing at the UiO.

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