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  • goebl-werner-2012-2296x2464-photograph-by-alex-mayer TIME-Seminar with Werner Goebl 16. okt. 2019 09:00

    TIME-Seminar with Werner Goebl (University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna) on performance experiments and quantitative methods for the analysis of sound and motion capture data.

  • ritmo-hovedmerke-193px Absorption in Schizophrenia, Music and Mystical Experience 21. okt. 2019 09:00

    Absorption is a mental feature characterizing our ability to be present to ourselves, to others and to the world around us. Its precise nature, however, is under-explored. On the one hand, it has properties of effortful concentration and on the other hand, effortless flow.

    This international workshop will bring together music scholars, philosophers, and psychopathologists to better understand this human feature.

  • dm-booklaunch-poster-oslo_med Research seminar - Book Launch for Áine Mangaoang 28. okt. 2019 13:15

    We would like to invite you all to the launch of the book

    Dangerous Mediations- Pop Music in a Philippine Prison Video (Bloomsbury 2019).

  • timthumb MusicLab vol. 4: Utopia 2. nov. 2019 13:00

    Muscle music, artificial intelligence, and a human subwoofer? In our utopian edition of MusicLab you will experience truly experimental music.

  • karin-kukkonen-300-01 RITMO Seminar Series: The Multiple Speeds of Literary Narrative (Karin Kukkonen, ILOS University of Oslo) 12. nov. 2019 13:15

    Professor Karin Kukkonen from ILOS University of Oslo will give a seminar lecture on "The Multiple Speeds of Literary Narrative".

  • metamodernism Reading Group Session: Postmodernism/Metamodernism 14. nov. 2019 16:00

    Today, we are going to answer the question of what do postmodernism and metamodernism bring to the musicological table.

  • decomposed Research Seminar - Book Launch for Kyle Devine 25. nov. 2019 13:15

    Music is seen as the most immaterial of the arts, and recorded music as a progress of dematerialization—an evolution from physical discs to invisible digits. In Decomposed, Kyle Devine offers another perspective.

  • Høstens instrumentaleksamen MUS4260 2. des. 2019 19:30

    Velkommen til åpne eksamenskonserter med masterstudenter fra Institutt for musikkvitenskap på Victoria Nasjonal Jazzscene: mandag 2. og mandag 9. desember. Dørene åpner kl. 19.00, og konserten begynner kl. 19.30.