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Short biography

Stan Hawkins is a musicologist, researching within the field of popular music studies. He has a background in musicology, composition, and analysis, with a main emphasis on interdisciplinary research. He started the first popular music and recording courses at the Music Department, Salford University, Manchester in 1990, where he was Director of the Popular Music Research Unit from 1992-1995. He took up his current post in this department in 1995, establishing courses in popular music. Stan has long experience as a teacher, researcher, and editor, and has supervised over 20 doctoral students in popular music at Oslo University, Agder University, and the Norwegian Academy of Music, as well as international students. He has been series editor (with Professor Derek Scott and then Professor Lori Burns) for Routledge's Popular and Folk Music Series, which has included over 100 publications within popular music studies. In addition to leading various national and international projects, he has been guest researcher at City University London and Humboldt-Universität, Berlin. Research specialisms include gender, identity politics, critical musicology, and audiovisual research, with four international monographs, six edited collections, and numerous chapter contributions and articles. He is leader of Nordic Sounds: Critical Music Research Group and has led a state funded project (2010-2014) Popular Music and Gender in a Transcultural Context. He was key researcher behind the development of the Centre of Excellence RITMO. In 2017 he was elected member of The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters.

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Education, Employment, and Residencies

  • Bachelor of Music (4 years), University of Natal, South Africa
  • Postgraduate/MA (2 years), State Academy of Music, Frankfurt, Germany
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Music Composition (3 years), University of York, England
  • Senior Lecturer, University of Salford, Manchester (1989-95)
  • Director of Popular Music Research Unit, University of Salford (1992-95)
  • Professor of Popular Music, University of Oslo (since 1995)
  • Guest residency (2002), City University, London
  • Guest residency (2012), Humboldt University, Germany
  • Adjunct professor, University of Agder, Norway (since 2006)

Areas of teaching and supervision

  • Popular Musicology
  • Music Analysis and Recording Aesthetics
  • Cultural Studies and Music Sociology
  • LGBTQ and Queer Studies
  • Music Analysis
  • Audiovisual Interpretation
  • Film and TV Theory

Current academic activities

'Gaahl – Monster or Postmodern Prometheus? Masculinity, Class, and Norwegian Black Metal' (co-author Nina Nielsen), The Bloomsbury Handbook of Popular Music and Class, ed. I. Peddie (forthcoming 2019).

'Azealia Banks: 'Chasing Time, Erotics, and Body Politics' (co-author Kai Arne Hansen), Popular Music, 37/2, 2018.

Guest editor for 'David Bowie in Retrospect', Contemporary Music Review. Volume 37/3 2018

Contributor to The Pop Palimpsest: Intertextuality in Recorded Popular Music, eds. Lori Burns and Serge Lacasse, University of Michigan Press, 2018.

"'Man of the Woods': Lumbersexuality, Nature, and Larking Around" (co-author Tore Størvold), The Bloomsbury Handbook to Popular Music Video Analysis. Publication year: 2019.

Co-guest editor (with Anne Danielsen) for 'Prince', Popular Music & Society. Publication year: 2019.

Co-editor (with Lori Burns), The Bloomsbury Handbook to Popular Music Video Analysis. Publication year: 2019.

Commissioned chapter (with Mikkel Ålvik) for The Routledge Companion to Popular Music Analysis: Expanding Approaches, eds. Scotto, Smith & Brackett. Publication year: 2019.

Commissioned chapter for 'Rock Music and Queer Identities' - chapter commission for Global Encyclopedia of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer History. Publication year: 2018.

Commissioned chapter for 'Rock Personas' (Chapter 10) - chapter commission for The Bloomsbury Handbook of Rock Music Research, ed. Allan F. Moore. Publication year: 2019.

Co-editor (with Tore Størvold), The Bloomsbury Handbook to Popular Music Video Analysis. Publication year: 2019.


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