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Ibsen in Translation

Ibsen in Translation is a unique translation project where translators work together, exchanging experiences in the course of the translation work. The project aims to translate Henrik Ibsen's 12 contemporary dramas into 8 languages, a total number of 96 translations.

Stage set with three figures: Two women in white dresses conversing, and a man entering through a doorway.

The Lady from the Sea

Photo: Landesbühne Niedersachsen Nord

About the project

Ibsen in Translation involves a total of 10 translators working with new translations of Henrik Ibsen's 12 contemporary dramas into 8 languages. The translators will be consulted by carefully chosen expert panels, consisting of individuals with expertise in theater, language, translation, and Ibsen. Each language has its corresponding panel of experts whose role is to exercise a quality control of the translations.

The project is led by professor Frode Helland


The project aims to translate Henrik Ibsen's 12 contemporary dramas into 8 languages​​: Arabic (Classical Arabic and Egyptian Arabic), Hindi, Spanish, Persian, Chinese, Japanese and Russian. This means a total of 96 translations.

Time frame and status

The time frame for the project is set to 2017/18. At the moment, 9 of Ibsen's dramas have been translated. The remaining dramas are Little Eyolf, John Gabriel Borkman and When We Dead Awaken.


Ibsen in Translation is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Norway, NORLA and the Centre for Ibsen Studies.

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  • Frode Helland
  • Ellinor Kolstad
  • Sherin Abdel Wahab (arabisk)
  • Amal Rawash (arabisk)
  • Astri Ghosh (hindi)
  • Cristina Gómez Baggethun (spansk)
  • Mir Madjid Omrani (farsi)
  • Olga Drobot (russisk)
  • Anne Lande Peters (japansk)
  • Liyang Xia (kinesisk)
  • Xin Hu (kinesisk)
Detailed list of participants