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Looking for bilingual children for research study

Would you like to participate in a research study on bilingualism? Do you have a child who has been growing up bilingually with Norwegian and English since birth?

Child is doing a test with an eye tracker

Photo: Hanna Andresen / UiO


For a research study at the University of Oslo, we are looking for bilingual English-Norwegian children born in 2010. The objective of the study is to gain insight into bilingualism at a conceptual level. The children should be fluent in both languages, and both hear and speak both languages every day. The experiment involves recordings of the child with an eye tracker which will be performed either at the University of Oslo or at the child’s school, and an interview on the child's language use with the parents (by appointment).

All participants have the chance of winning a NOK 1000 gift card at ARK.

Please contact Doctoral Fellow Hanna Andresen at MultiLing – Center for Multilingualism in Society across the Lifespan, UiO, for information/participation: e-mail (in Norwegian or English):

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