Haley De Korne

Postdoctoral Fellow

Academic interests

Minoritised languages in education; Multilingual education policy and pedagogy; Language politics; Indigenous language reclamation; Isthmus Zapotec (Mexico); Anishinaabemowin (US & Canada); Action-research; Critical ethnography


PhD Educational Linguistics, 2016, University of Pennsylvania, USA

MA Applied Linguistics, 2009, University of Victoria, Canada

BA Hons Combined Social Sciences, 2005, Durham University, UK


Publications & CV available at:


Courses taught

  • Multilingualism (University of Cape Town, South Africa; co-taught with Ana Deumert)
  • Researching Multilingualism in Education (University of Oslo, Norway; co-organized with Joke Dewilde)
  • First and Second Language Acquisition (University of Oslo, Norway; co-taught with Maria Obojska, Pernille Hansen & Leena Maria Heikkola)
  • Critical Language Evaluation (Autonomous Benito Juarez University of Oaxaca, Mexico)
  • Sociolinguistics in Education (University of Pennsylvania, USA)
  • Multilingualism & Interculturalism (Autonomous Benito Juarez University of Oaxaca, Mexico)
  • Sociolinguistics & Curriculum Design (Autonomous Benito Juarez University of Oaxaca, Mexico)
  • Critique of Language and Education Policies (Autonomous Benito Juarez University of Oaxaca, Mexico)
  • Performance, Presentation, and Communication (University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg)



Tags: Sociolinguistics, Language Policy and Planning, Multilingual Education, Language Pedagogy, Critical Language Awareness, Language endangerment, Mexico (Latin America), Critical Discourse Analysis, Action Research, Ethnography, Multilingualism


  • Purkarthofer, Judith & De Korne, Haley Jean (2019). Learning language regimes: Children's representations of minority language education. Journal of Sociolinguistics.  ISSN 1360-6441. . doi: 10.1111/josl.12346 Show summary
  • De Korne, Haley; López Gopar, Mario & Rios Rios, Kiara (2018). Changing ideological and implementational spaces for minoritised languages in higher education: Zapotequización of language education in Mexico. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development (JMMD).  ISSN 0143-4632. . doi: 10.1080/01434632.2018.1531876 Full text in Research Archive.
  • Hornberger, Nancy H. & De Korne, Haley (2018). Is Revitalization Through Education Possible?, In Leanne Hinton; Leena Huss & Gerald Roche (ed.),  The Routledge Handbook of Language Revitalization.  Routledge.  ISBN 9781138674493.  Chapter 9.  s 94 - 103
  • Schissel, Jamie; De Korne, Haley & López Gopar, Mario (2018). Grappling with translanguaging for teaching and assessment in culturally and linguistically diverse contexts: teacher perspectives from Oaxaca, Mexico. International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism.  ISSN 1367-0050.  s 1- 17 . doi: 10.1080/13670050.2018.1463965 Full text in Research Archive.
  • Costa, James; De Korne, Haley Jean & Lane, Pia (2017). Standardising Minority Languages: Reinventing Peripheral Languages in the 21st Century, In Pia Lane; James Costa & Haley Jean De Korne (ed.),  Standardizing minority languages: Competing ideologies of authority and authenticity in the global periphery.  Routledge.  ISBN 978-1-315-64772-2.  1.  s 1 - 23
  • De Korne, Haley (2017). 'A Treasure' and 'A Legacy': Individual and Communal (Re)valuing of Isthmus Zapotec in Multilingual Mexico, In Mi-Cha Flubacher & Alfonso Del Perico (ed.),  Language, Education and Neoliberalism: Critical Studies in Sociolinguistics.  Multilingual Matters.  ISBN 978-1-78309-868-2.  Chapter 3.  s 37 - 61
  • De Korne, Haley (2017). 'That's too much to learn': Writing, longevity and urgency in the Isthmus Zapotec speech community, In Pia Lane; James Costa & Haley Jean De Korne (ed.),  Standardizing minority languages: Competing ideologies of authority and authenticity in the global periphery.  Routledge.  ISBN 978-1-315-64772-2.  Chapter 9.  s 154 - 174
  • De Korne, Haley (2017). The multilingual realities of language reclamation: Working with language contact, diversity, and change in endangered language education. Language Documentation and Description.  ISSN 1740-6234.  14, s 111- 135 Full text in Research Archive.
  • De Korne, Haley & Hornberger, Nancy H. (2017). Countering unequal multilingualism through ethnographic monitoring, In Marilyn Martin-Jones & Deirdre Martin (ed.),  Researching Multilingualism: Critical and ethnographic perspectives.  Routledge.  ISBN 978-0-415-74842-1.  Part 5.  s 247 - 258

View all works in Cristin

View all works in Cristin

  • De Korne, Haley (2019). '¿Para qué sirve la utopía?' Relativist (language) activism from a settler colonial perspective.
  • De Korne, Haley (2018). Imagining convivial multilingualism in Oaxaca, Mexico.
  • De Korne, Haley (2018). La realidad multilingüe de la "reclamación" de lenguas: Trabajando con el contacto, la diversidad, y el cambio lingüístico en la enseñanza-aprendizaje de lenguas en riesgo.
  • De Korne, Haley (2018). Lim, L., Stroud, C., & Wee, L. (Eds.). (2018). The multilingual citizen : Towards a politics of language for agency and change. Bristol, UK: Multilingual Matters. Multilingual Margins.  ISSN 2221-4216.  5(1), s 66- 70
  • De Korne, Haley (2018). Minoritized language education and youths’ aspirations in a multilingual region: Isthmus Zapotec learners in Oaxaca, Mexico.
  • De Korne, Haley (2018). Multilingualism, education & inequalities:Research & engagement.
  • De Korne, Haley (2018). Negociación de normas en la enseñanza del Zapoteco del Istmo: Perspectivas de maestr@s y alumn@s (Negotiation of norms in Isthmus Zapotec education: Perspectives of teachers and students)..
  • Rios Rios, Kiara; De Korne, Haley & López Gopar, Mario (2018). Zapotequización: Teaching Diidxazá to young adults in Higher Education.
  • Røyneland, Unn & De Korne, Haley (2018, 22. februar). Combatir el racismo lingüístico: Propuestas desde Noruega y México. [Tidsskrift].  Piedra, Papel & Tijeras.
  • Røyneland, Unn & De Korne, Haley (2018). Cómo eliminar prejuicios contra lenguas minoritarias en el siglo XXI. Estrategias desde Noruega y México.
  • Røyneland, Unn & De Korne, Haley (2018). Minoritetsspråklege skriftkulturar. Normering, standardisering og bruk av minoritetsspråk.
  • De Korne, Haley (2017). Imperfect tense, by Melissa Cahnmann-Taylor. Language and Education.  ISSN 0950-0782.  31(2), s 186- 189
  • De Korne, Haley (2017). Power Dynamics and (In)Equalities in Plurilingual Education Projects (Panel).
  • De Korne, Haley & Leonard, Wesley Y. (2017). Reclaiming languages: Contesting and decolonising ‘language endangerment’ from the ground up. Language Documentation and Description.  ISSN 1740-6234.  14, s 5- 14
  • De Korne, Haley & Purkarthofer, Judith (2017). Language use for social change? Drawings as a means to understand languages in social space.
  • De Korne, Haley; Rios Rios, Kiara & López Gopar, Mario (2017). Zapotequización: Creating Ideological and Implementational Spaces to Teach and Learn Diidxazá in Higher Education.
  • Rouvier, Ruth & De Korne, Haley (2017). Language Documentation, Revitalization, and Reclamation: Supporting Young Learners and Their Communities.
  • De Korne, Haley Jean (2016). Comment « parler bien » en Zapotèque de l'Isthme?Prescriptivisme linguistique et l'adaptation des normes culturelles.
  • De Korne, Haley Jean (2016). "Diidxazá do'" and "Zapochueco": Negotiations of pluralism and prescriptivism in Isthmus Zapotec communication.
  • De Korne, Haley Jean (2016). “Don’t worry about correct and incorrect” – addressing the insecurities and inequalities experienced by minority language learners.

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