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Practical Philosophy Working Group

Practical Philosophy Working Group is an umbrella group for research cooperation within four fields: Political and Legal Philosophy, Applied and Normative Ethics, History of Ethics and Political Philosophy, and Metaethics and Moral Psychology.

Photo: Hæge Håveit

About the Group

The project is an arena for research cooperation among researchers at UiO who work in the realm of ethics and practical philosophy, and collaborating researchers at other institutions in Norway and abroad. The current members belong to a great variety of academic fields within law studies, philosophy and social Sciences.


The goals of the Practical Philosophy Working Group (PPWG) is to create a productive working environment for research collaboration on current research topics within the respective fields; to facilitate funding applications; and to organize regular and irregular research activities and events.

The regular meeting of the group, the Practical Philosophy Seminar, takes place about every second Tuesday from 12:15 to 13:30.

A kick-off conference will take place 17-18 October 2016, where the group members are invited to present their work.


  • Political and Legal Philosophy
  • Applied and Normative Ethics
  • History of Ethics and Political Philosophy
  • Metaethics and Moral Psychology.

The group held its initial meeting in March 2016.


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