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Professor - History
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Hanne Hagtvedt Vik (b. 1974) is an associate professor of international history after 1918. She holds a PhD degree from the University of Oslo (2009) and has been an International Security Program Research Fellow at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs of Harvard Kennedy School of Government (2011-2012) and a guest instructor at Yale University (2011, co-taught the graduate seminar "Human Rights in the Twentieth Century and Beyond" with Professor Jay Winter). In 2010 she was awarded His Majesty the King of Norway’s Gold Medal for the best PhD dissertation in the field of Humanities. Before she started her doctorate, she was an advisor on long-term planning in the Ministry of Defense (2002-2005) and a trainee in Statskonsult's  Government Ministries Trainee Program (2001-2002). She was a member of the Foreign Ministry's working group for the restructuring of the Fredskorpset (1998-1999, in 2018 renamed NOREC, the Norwegian Agency for Exchange Cooperation)  and served on its Board after it was organized as an independent unit subordinate to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2000-2003). 

Research Interests

Vik’s research has centered on issues related to international organizations and transnational political activism. She is particularly interested in international law, human rights and development assistance. Her publications deal with international cooperation within the United Nations (UN), the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the World Bank, and she has written on both American and Norwegian foreign policy and Nordic cooperation. Currently she works on the internationalization of indigenous rights. 


Vik teaches the course HIS2361 / 4361 "International Human Rights after 1850: From the transatlantic slave trade to Guantánamo Bay" as well as the history section of INTER1000, the introductory course for International Studies students, and INTER2000 Case Work in international relations. She also lectures on US history and World War II and the Holocaust as part of HIS1300MET and teaches the HIS1310 specialization in Norwegian foreign policy history and the course HIS4031 on how to write a master thesis in history.

She supervises bachelor and MA students in international history and is particularly interested in projects dealing with the history of human rights and indigenous rights.

Vik chairs the Program Comittee of the International Studies Program, a multidisciplinary bachelor program, and serves on the program committees of the MA-programs Peace and Conflict Studies and Master in International and Transnational History.

Vik chairs the Norwegian Graduate School in History and also the PhD Program in History at IAKH. 

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