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Research groups

A group of people who represent some of the foremost philosophers of antiquity, some of whom stand bent over a blackboard while others hold a globe and talk together. Painting.

We study topics at the forefront of historical research.

A picture of a globe.

How did the demarcations of democracy change from 1700 to the present, within and beyond the Nordic region?

Women and men sitting on benches with books in front of them and listening to the teacher.

Are the same versions of history taught to students globally?

A department store over several floors, with a large staircase, gallery, nice interior and many nicely dressed people. Lithograph.

Questioning the history of capitalism, from early modern times to the present day.

Huge tree roots cover a temple in Cambodia.

How did we get into the current environmental crises? What are the roots of today’s ecological problems? Can we learn from past mistakes and successes?

Close-up of a gold circle held by a person with green plastic gloves. Photo.

The research group Materialities gather a group of researchers exploring the richness of relationships between humans and their material environments.

A landscape with rocks, mountains, green trees and a lake. In front a round water formation where the landscape is mirrored upside down. Photo.

What legal and normative factors influence global politics and international cooperation?

Black and white photo. Men and women are gathered around a big table. The Norwegian flag is hanging on the back wall.

How have civil societies’ global, transnational and regional interactions shaped ideas about "Norden"?

An old calendar from Nuremberg in 1496.

How did people in the middle ages envision and enforce ideals of predictability, uniformity and order?

Image may contain: Tire, Automotive tire, Wood, Road surface, Landscape.

A forum for the convergence of researchers working on Ancient History and Classical Archaeology.

A damaged skull in an exhibition on a museum. Photo.

Violence permeates human history, but how do different societies perceive, process and narrate war and other armed conflicts?