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KLIMER: Climate, environment and energy

How did we get into the current environmental crises? What are the roots of today’s ecological problems? Can we learn from past mistakes and successes?

Huge tree roots cover a temple in Cambodia.
Photo: James Wheeler,

About the group

We are an interdisciplinary research group interested in climate, environment, and energy from a (pre-)historical perspective. The group is open to all researchers with an interest in past environments.

Amid rapidly increasing climate change and ecological turmoil, interest in, and engagement with, environmental humanities are booming.

The purpose of this group is to address and contextualise current challenges through a (pre-)historical perspective: How did we get into this crisis? How can the rich repertoire of earlier experiences inform current responses?

We explore the past developments of human-nature-interactions from early societies and the Little Ice Age, to contemporary petro-cultures and environmental movements.

Our group consists of researchers in all career stages with backgrounds in history, archaeology, literary studies, museology and conservation.

Together we address climate, environment and energy through a range of emerging perspectives, such as novel timespaces, transdisciplinary scopes and more-than-human approaches.

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