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The Ancient Mediterranean: Archaeology, History, and Society

A forum for the convergence of researchers working on Ancient History and Classical Archaeology.

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A Roman road at Grumentum, Basilicata, Italy. Photo: Knut Ødegård.

About the group

This research group serves as a focal point of transdisciplinary discussions and collegial support for the research, teaching and outreach activities on the ancient Mediterranean across the History and Archaeology sections of the Department, but it is also open to external members.

Our most prominent topics of common interest are the following:

  • The relationship between archaeological and written sources in historical reconstructions
  • The history of historiography and antiquarianism
  • Religion, mythology, mythography, and cultural memory in ancient societies
  • Ancient communities and urbanization



  • Augustinus Foundation
  • Carlsberg Foundation
  • CAS – Centre for Advanced Study at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters
  • Classical archaeology, the Saxo Institute, University of Copenhagen
  • Department of Classics, University of Reading
  • Ephorate of Antiquities of Aetoloacarnania and Lefkada
  • Ephorate of Antiquities of Cyclades
  • Ephorate of Antiquities of Arkadia
  • History and Classical Studies, School of Culture and Society, Aarhus University
  • The Danish Institute at Athens
  • The National Archaeological Museum of Athens
  • The Norwegian Institute in Athens
  • The Norwegian Institute in Rome
  • The Research Council of Norway


Bachelor courses

Master courses

Other relevant courses are offered in Norwegian. See the groups Norwegian website for more info.

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