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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Raf Van Rooy Van Rooy, Raf Postdoctoral Fellow Classics, Classical tradition, Reception studies, History of linguistics, History of scholarship, History of ideas, New Ancient Greek literature
Picture of Arne Johan Vetlesen Vetlesen, Arne Johan Professor +47 22857754 Philosophy
Vikesdal, Sara Kasin Lecturer
Picture of Aron Sascha Morris Vinegar Vinegar, Aron Sascha Morris Professor +47 22857178 924 40 014 Art History, Aesthetics
Picture of Hilde Vinje Vinje, Hilde Doctoral Research Fellow Philosophy, Antiquity
Picture of Pasi Väliaho Väliaho, Pasi Professor +47 22845503 Art History, Media Archaeology, Aesthetics, Screen Cultures
Picture of Sebastian Watzl Watzl, Sebastian Associate Professor +47 22841672 Philosophy
Picture of Eirik Welo Welo, Eirik Senior Lecturer +47 22856765 +4741042946 Classics
Picture of Else Ingeborg Wiestad Wiestad, Else Ingeborg Professor Emeritus - Philosophy +47 22 46 21 07 Theory of knowledge, History of philosophy, Gender Theory, Pedagogical philosophy, The phenomenology of body and space.
Picture of Keith A. Wilson Wilson, Keith A. Postdoctoral Research Fellow +47 228 55 205 Philosophy, Philosophy of mind, Perception, Representation, The senses, Philosophy of psychology
Picture of Yelena Yermakova Yermakova, Yelena Doctoral Research Fellow Political Philosophy, Public Policy, Polar Regions, Climate Change, Sovereignty, Territorial Rights, Antarctica
Picture of Aksel Øijord Øijord, Aksel Professor Emeritus Philosophy, Ex.phil
Picture of Solveig Aasen Aasen, Solveig Researcher +47 22855726 Philosophy, Philosophy of mind, Philosophy of language, Aesthetics, Metaphysics
Picture of Reidar Aasgaard Aasgaard, Reidar Professor +47 22854917 +4766997349