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Gjesteforelesninger og seminarer

Kommende 5 dager

03 nov.
Photo of Alejandra Mancilla
Tid og sted: 3. nov. 2020 15:0016:00, Join Zoom meeting

We are pleased announce the first Philosophical seminar of the semester, inviting you to celebrate and learn more about Alejandra Mancilla´s research project Dynamic Territory (DynamiTe), for which she was recently awarded the prestigious ERC starting grant. The seminar is open to everyone, and will be followed by a Q&A session.

Flere kommende gjesteforelesninger og seminarer

Erich Hörl
Tid og sted: 10. des. 2020 14:0015:30, Zoom lecture

In this lecture, Erich Hörl, University of Leuphana, Lüneburg,  discusses the timeliness of Bernard Stiegler's reflections on the time of suspension or "being-in-disruption" that define life in the Anthropocene.

Picture of Karen
Tid: 11. des. 2020 14:0016:00

We are very pleased to announce that Karen Margrethe Nielsen, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Oxford, will deliver a talk for Filosofisk seminar this semester. The seminar will be virtual, and open to everyone.