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Picture of Patrick Anthony Barbosa Brock Barbosa Brock, Patrick Anthony Doctoral Research Fellow patribro@ikos.uio.no Science Fiction, Literature, Afrofuturism, Brazilian literature, Latin American Literature
Picture of Anders Bettum Bettum, Anders Associate Professor anders.bettum@ikos.uio.no Postcolonialism, Global history, Multicultural pedagogy and didactics, Migration, Museums and Museology, Egyptology, Comparative religion, History of Religions, Rituals, Semiotics
Briggs, Charles Leslie Adjunct Professor c.l.briggs@ikos.uio.no
Picture of Emil Henrik Flatø Flatø, Emil Henrik Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22855574 e.h.flato@ikos.uio.no Futures, Multiple temporalities, History of Science, Data, Climate, Environmental Humanities, STS
Picture of Torild Gjesvik Gjesvik, Torild Senior Lecturer torild.gjesvik@ikos.uio.no Cultural History, Museology
Picture of Anna Pauline Grøgaard Grøgaard, Anna Pauline Doctoral Research Fellow a.p.grogaard@ikos.uio.no Historiography, Knowledge history, Enlightenment, Renaissance humanism, Cultural encounters, translation processes
Györegy, Zsolt Doctoral Research Fellow zsolt.gyoregy@ikos.uio.no Cultural history, Cultural Translation, Brazil, Ethnography, Portuguese literature and culture, Jewish Studies, Early Modern Period
Picture of Bjørn Sverre Hol Haugen Haugen, Bjørn Sverre Hol Associate Professor b.s.h.haugen@ikos.uio.no Cultural history
Picture of Greta Karoline Heien Heien, Greta Karoline Doctoral Research Fellow +47 41692774 g.k.heien@ikos.uio.no Cultural history, History of knowledge, Folk medicine, Concepts of disease, Norwegian Folklore Archives (NFS)
Picture of Stine Alling Jacobsen Jacobsen, Stine Alling Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22854914 +4550129181 s.a.jacobsen@ikos.uio.no Cultural history
Picture of Sami Ahmad Khan Khan, Sami Ahmad Postdoctoral Fellow +47 46504412 s.a.khan@ikos.uio.no Science Fiction, India, Anglophone SF, Monsters, Ideology, Popular Culture, neoMONSTERS
Picture of Hannah Kristine Bjørke Lunde Lunde, Hannah Kristine Bjørke Doctoral Research Fellow +47 97194535 h.k.b.lunde@ikos.uio.no
Picture of Laura Op de Beke Op de Beke, Laura Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22854913 l.o.de.beke@ikos.uio.no Video games, game studies, the Anthropocene, Time studies, environmental humanities, Media Studies, science fiction, LARP, role-play, miljøhumaniora
Picture of Tina Paphitis Paphitis, Tina Postdoctoral Fellow tina.paphitis@ikos.uio.no Folklore, Folklore Archives, Narrative cultures, Cultural history, Cultural heritage, Fairytales and legends, Landscape, Heritage, Environmental Humanities, Digital heritage
Picture of Solveig Marie Siem Siem, Solveig Marie Doctoral Research Fellow s.m.siem@ikos.uio.no Museums and Museology, History of Science, Botanical Garden, Environmental Humanities
Picture of Ingrid Kvalvik Sørensen Sørensen, Ingrid Kvalvik Doctoral Research Fellow i.k.sorensen@ikos.uio.no
Picture of Merve Tabur Tabur, Merve Postdoctoral Fellow mervet@ikos.uio.no Arabic Literature, Turkish, Middle East Studies, Postcolonialism, Science Fiction, Futures, Environmental Humanities, Anthropocene
Picture of Marta Alvhild Mboka Tveit Tveit, Marta Alvhild Mboka Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22844589 m.a.m.tveit@ikos.uio.no Environmental Humanities, miljøhumaniora, Science Fiction
Picture of Leonoor Zuiderveen Borgesius Zuiderveen Borgesius, Leonoor Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22856556 l.z.borgesius@ikos.uio.no Science and Technology Studies, History of Concepts, Environmental Humanities