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Picture of Arne Bugge Amundsen Amundsen, Arne Bugge Professor +47 22857629 +47 92244774 a.b.amundsen@hf.uio.no Cultural history, Folk religion, Folk memory and folklore, Rituals, Museums and Museology, Norwegian estates
Picture of Brita Brenna Brenna, Brita Professor +47 22856932 brita.brenna@ikos.uio.no Museums and Museology, Cultural history, Nature and the natural, History of Science
Picture of Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay Chattopadhyay, Bodhisattva Associate Professor +47 22857415 bodhisattva.chattopadhyay@ikos.uio.no Science Fiction, kalpavigyan, Global Futures, Global Futurisms, Future Studies, Futures, CoFutures, Futures, future studies, futures literacy, postcolonialism, postcolonial studies, climate fiction, game studies, video games, quantum fiction, Anthropocene, Environmental Humanities
Picture of Anne Eriksen Eriksen, Anne Professor +47 22856989 anne.eriksen@ikos.uio.no Cultural history, Nature and the natural, Understanding of history - memory and public policy, Museums and Museology, Medical history, Folk religion
Picture of Line Esborg Esborg, Line Associate Professor +47 22854919 line.esborg@ikos.uio.no Cultural history, Museums and Museology, Digital heritage, Ethnography, Folklore and popular memory, Fairytales and legends, Folklore Archives, Identitypolitics, Nationalism, History of knowledge
Picture of Dirk Johannsen Johannsen, Dirk Professor +47 22844076 dirk.johannsen@ikos.uio.no Cultural history, Popular Religion, Witchcraft and magic, Narrative cultures, Fairytales and legends, Cognitive Anthropology, Environment and religion, Environmental Humanities
Picture of Helge Jordheim Jordheim, Helge Professor +47 22856904 helge.jordheim@ikos.uio.no Cultural history, Global history
Picture of Ane Ohrvik Ohrvik, Ane Professor +47 22857837 +47 40854377 ane.ohrvik@ikos.uio.no Cultural history, Cultural Studies, Cultural encounters, Book History, Witchcraft and magic, Rituals, knowledge
Picture of Hugo Reinert Reinert, Hugo Associate Professor hugo.reinert@ikos.uio.no Time, Nature, Cultural History, Environmental Humanities, Ethnography, the Anthropocene
Picture of Åmund Norum Resløkken Resløkken, Åmund Norum Researcher +47 22844070 40068751 a.n.reslokken@ikos.uio.no
Picture of John Ødemark Ødemark, John Professor +47 22844869 john.odemark@ikos.uio.no Cultural history, Cultural Studies, Cultural Translation, Translation, Medical Humanities, History of Science and History of the Humanities, Latin-America