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About the Centre

Et regjeringskammer med mange stoler i fastsatte rader.

POLKOM is a national hub for research on political communication and contributes research-based knowledge in debates concerning democracy and power relations in society.

The POLKOM-logo: Centre for the Study of Political Communication

POLKOM is headquartered at the Department of Media and Communication (IMK) at the University of Oslo. Five professors and a number of temporary scientific staff are associated with the centre at IMK. At the national level, POLKOM has over 60 members across 16 research institutions.


The Centre's activities at IMK include frequent meetings, teaching, as well as collaboration with internal and external partners. The Centre hosts a number of research projects.

The POLKOM-network organizes a national conference (in Norwegian) and a number of seminars, including PhD courses and seminars in which researchers can exchange ideas and give each other input on ongoing work (so-called 'half baked' seminars). In addition, we disseminate members' research online and on our Facebook page.

Do you want to join POLKOM?

Researchers employed at research institutions who work actively with issues in political communication can become members.

To apply for membership, please supply a short presentation of your research area and current projects, written in a form that is suitable for publication on the web. Send the application by e-mail to the Heads of Centre:

Board of directors

Members of the board

Deputy members


Visit us

Oslo Science Park, Department of Media and Communication, UiO

Gaustadalléen 21
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