Cristina Archetti er ny førsteamanuensis på IMK

Archetti har doktorgrad fra Leeds University, og kommer til IMK fra en stilling som Senior Lecturer in Politics and Media ved University of Salford Manchester.

Cristina Archetti (foto: privat)

Archetti presenterer seg på engelsk:

Please tell us about your background?

– I have always had many academic interests and I particularly enjoy being exposed to new ideas. I have a BA Honours in Politics, an MA in International Communication and a PhD that covered the crossroad between Political Communication, International Communication and Journalism.

All of my research can be said to be about Political Communication, which I tend to approach as “communication in politics” in its broadest sense. I am particularly interested in how the small details of communication in everyday life contribute, over time and little by little, to changing the world.

Topics I have been writing about are: the impact of communication technologies on politics and society; international journalism and foreign correspondence; the role of the media in the phenomenon of extremism and terrorism; public diplomacy 2.0; communication in conflict and war; the use of creative writing in research.

What will be the focus of your research at IMK?

– I am delighted about the opportunity to work together within IMK with so many new colleagues researching about such a stimulating variety of communication areas.

I will be part of the new POLKOM centre. Political Communication is a relatively new area of study in Norway, so it is both exciting and rewarding to be able to contribute to its establishment.

Av Ellen Evju Jahr
Publisert 17. sep. 2015 10:48 - Sist endret 22. apr. 2020 13:00