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Department Board

The Department Board is the Department's highest authority, with the responsibility of setting the Department's main objectives, priorities and strategies. The current board is elected for the period 2017-2020

Members of the Board
Head of Department (Chair of the Board)  
Academic Staff Deputies
Hallgjerd Aksnes (1st deputy)
Åshild Watne (2nd deputy)
Temporary Academic Staff  (2020) Deputies
Ulf A.S. Holbrook
Anja Nylund Hagen (1st deputy)
No candidate (2nd deputy)
Administrative Staff  Deputies
Heidi Bråthen (1st deputy)
Mons Thyness (2nd deputy)
Students (2020) Deputies

Jonas Ulleland

Jørn Hansen

No deputies
External Representative  Deputy
Kjetil Solvik, Norwegian Academy of Music
Richard Gjems, The National Library of Norway

Board composition

The composition of the board is defined by general organisational rules for the departments of the University of Oslo (available in Norwegian only). In compliance with these rules, the board comprises:
  • the Head of Department (Chair of the Board)
  • three representatives for academic staff
  • one representative for temporary academic staff
  • one representative for administrative staff
  • two student representatives
  • one external representative
The Head of Research attends board meetings and reserves the right to make proposals, but is not involved in decision-making. However, as Deputy Head of Department, the Head of Research assumes the role of Chairman of the Board in the absence of the Head of Department.

The Head of Department and academic staff representatives serve four-year terms. Temporary staff and student representatives are elected for a one-year term. The Secretary for the Board is the Head of Administration at the Department.


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