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Music on demand: Economy and copyright in a digitised cultural sector (MUSEC)

MUSEC investigates how values and rights are negotiated and evaluated when music is produced and distributed via digital media. 

About the project

The use of digital media technology is fundamentally changing the ways in which cultural content, such as music and film, is produced and distributed, and the opportunities for earning revenue. By exploring the uses and implications of new media, the project unpacks one of the most challenging issues of the cultural sector in the 2000s: How should art and creative work be paid for?

By uniting scholars in media, music, economics and copyright, the project will carry out interdisciplinary analyses of how artists and organisations maintain their professional ambitions, economic interests and intellectual property rights (IPR) in the face of new media services. The analyses will zoom in on negotiations between producers and distributors, competition in national and global markets, and the effects of state intervention. 

Through qualitative interviews, quantitative surveys, document analysis and case studies, the project will offer new contributions to the study and discussion of the economics and copyright of music.

The project starts December 2018 and ends November 2020. 


The project is led by Yngvar Kjus at the Department of Musicology at the University of Oslo. The research team comprises Arnt Maasø from the Department of Media and Communication (UiO), Anja Nylund Hagen from the Department of Musicology (UiO), Olav Torvund from the Department of Private Law (UiO) and Ruth Towse from Bournemouth University. 


The project is financed by the KULMEDIA-programme of the Research Council of Norway.  

For more information, see the project description. 


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