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Ibsen Between Cultures (completed)

The goal of this project is to reach an understanding of how Ibsen's plays are evaluated, and how the value of the plays is altered, shifted, transferred and appropriated, when localised in new cultural contexts.  

About the project

The aim of the project is to consider the question of how one can account for the extraordinary international success of Ibsen’s plays.


The project is being undertaken by an established international group of cooperating scholars, and will combine textual and performance analysis, informed by cultural analysis. Bringing together scholars from the fields of performance analysis, intercultural studies and literature makes the project unique.

The ambition is not to study aesthetic artefacts that are translated from an “original”, but to see the local performance as the original itself. Only from such a vantage point can one clarify the site-specific appropriation of the specific plays.

In this sense the project aims at working with relational questions. The relations to be studied are multifaceted. The question whether these relations contribute to a standardisation of aesthetic expression and valuation, or whether they should rather be seen as contributing to new forms of diversity will be central.


The project has received funding from The Norwegian Research Council.

Project description


Henrik Ibsen's plays in China

Sambhu Mitra's A Doll's House - Putul Hhela


2008 - 2012.

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Project manager:

Frode Helland


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