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As part of your PhD programme you are to complete an educational component of 30 credits. This educational component is comprised of the Faculty of Humanities' common component, research courses, thesis seminars, participation in international conferences and dissemination. The educational component must be completed before you hand in your dissertation, and the main bulk of activities should be competed within the two first years.

Each subject/field has a local PhD coordinator who has the responsibility of organizing thesis seminar. The PhD leader is responsible for approving the elements in your educational Component.  

The contact persons are:

PhD Leader Bente Larsen

PhD Officer Paal Andre Hermansen

The Educational Component

The basis for determining the number of credits an activity should have, in cases where this is not given, is that 1 credit should reflect 25-30 hours of work.

The elements of the educational component are:

  • International Conferences. In order to receive credits for participation in International Conferences you must give a Paper, Poster, or Abstract and you must participate the length of the Conference. Usually you would get 1 credit for Poster/Abstract and 2 credits for Paper.    
  • Dissemination includes mediation courses, articles, chronicles, lectures, exhibitions etc. directed towards the general public.
  • Thesis seminar. Each subject/fields holds their own thesis seminars. The organisations of these seminars vary from field to field, and more information is given under the subject-specific information below.
  • Research courses can be taken at national and/or international Graduate Schools, at other institutions, one-time events, and in some cases specialized or master courses in other fields.  

The PhD Candidate must make a plan for the educational component in consultation with the supervisor at the beginning of the programme period.

Below you find an overview of the distribution of credit points and detailed information regarding the Thesis seminars, sorted by fields/subjects:



History of Ideas

Art History


Planned activities must be registered with the PhD Leader for preapproval.

After the activities is competed, documentation is handed in to the PhD Leader for final approval, and then to the administrative PhD advisor for registration in the StudentWeb

Candidates are responsible for the safekeeping of all documentation of courses etc.

Midway assessment

All candidates on the PhD programme at the Faculty of Humanities are subject to a midway assessment. The midway assessment is a compulsory part of the PhD programme.

The departments are responsible for conducting midway assessments for candidates employed by the department. This includes candidates with an external employer.

The purpose of the midway assessment is to assess the progress of the project in relation to planned completion. The assessment will identify any measures than may be needed to help complete within the nominal length of study and improve the quality of the research work.

The assessment will take place after some of the work has been done, but early enough to allow for adjustments of direction and progress. The assessment will also provide an opportunity to obtain external input to the project.



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