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Aktuelle forskningssaker


  • Cancelled! IKOS PhD seminar: Writing a Monograph or Article-based dissertation? 1. apr. 2020 09:15

    This seminar, in which recent PhD-graduates talk about their experiences, is supposed to help you in making your selected dissertation format your own.

  • tablemountain Virtual Event: Sustainability in Economics. Environmental Lunchtime Discussion 1. apr. 2020 12:15

    How to get beyond a neoclassical theory of economic growth? Economist Marie Storli, leader of Rethinking Economics Norway will speak about ways of rethinking and democratizing standard economic theories on which climate-economy models are based.

  • cc_photo Food & Paper: I'll be Bach! Modeling Expressive Performance with Machine Learning (Cancino-Chacón) 1. apr. 2020 12:15

    Postdoctoral researcher Carlos Eduardo Cancino-Chacón is a guest researcher at RITMO from the Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence. He will gave a talk on "Modeling Expressive Performance with Machine Learning"

  • steven POSTPONED INDEFINITELY: Dr. Steven Orzack (Fresh Pond Research Institute) 1. apr. 2020 14:15

    Steven Orzack is visiting the Science Studies Colloquium Series. Orzack has a B.A. in Biology from The University of Rochester and a Ph.D. in Biology from Harvard University. He is President and Senior Research Scientist at Fresh Pond Research Institute, a non-profit scientific research institute researching pure and applied topics relating to the evolution of insects, demography, population dynamics and ecology, population genetics and evolution, the statistics of sampling for Census 2000, the dynamics of atmospheric gases, and human genetics.

    The seminar is open for everyone!

  • et-dukkehjem-slovenia-660x330 WEBINAR: "Et dukkehjem" in Slovenian 2. apr. 2020 14:15

    In-house Webinar: Guest lecture by assistant professor Marija Zlatnar Moe about translating drama between peripheral languages - translating Ibsen into Slovenian. This guest lecture will be held as a webinar, as the first scheduled event was canceled because of the coronavirus.