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  • ellisiv2 Ellisiv Ørnes Vestre - Artikulasjonsfeil hos alkoholpåvirkede norsktalere 26. jan. 2021 16:15

    Ellisiv har en BA og MA i lingvistikk fra Universitetet i Oslo, og fullførte MA-oppgaven sin høsten 2020. Hun jobber nå ved Biblioteksentralen som markedsføringskonsulent, med fokus på kommunikasjon med norske forlag.

  • ellisiv2 Ellisiv Ørnes Vestre - Speech errors in alcohol intoxicated Norwegian speakers 26. jan. 2021 16:15

    Ellisiv has a BA and MA in linguistics from the University of Oslo, and finished her MA thesis in the fall semester of 2020. Since then she has been working at Biblioteksentralen as a marketing consultant, mostly focusing on our communication with Norwegian publishers.

  • thormodsether Disputas: Følelsenes idiomatikk på engelsk og norsk 12. feb. 2021 10:15

    Master Øyvind Thormodsæter ved Institutt for litteratur, områdestudier og europeiske språk vil forsvare sin avhandling The idiomaticity of emotion in English and Norwegian: A corpus-based contrastive investigation of the phraseology of the three English-Norwegian verb pairs enjoy-nyte, love-elske and like-like for graden philosophiae doctor (ph.d.).

  • multiling-ub 12th International Conference of Nordic and General Linguistics 14. juni 2021 00:00

    New dates: 14-16 June 2021 (i.e., one year postponed)!

    Registration information coming early 2021

    The NGL conference series (previously also known as ICNGL) provides an open forum for linguistic research in order to facilitate the exchange of ideas on Nordic (including Germanic, Finnic, Saamic and Greenlandic) and other languages, including multilingualism. Its main goals are to create and strengthen connections between researchers working on different languages, with different methodological and theoretical approaches.

  • professorbolien-fasade The 26th International Lexical-Functional Grammar Conference 15. juni 2021 00:00

    UPDATE: The LFG conference will be organized entirely online and the dates have been changed to July 13-16. We will post a link to the web page of the online conference here once it is ready.

    The 26th International Lexical-Functional Grammar Conference (LFG21) will be organized in Oslo, June 15-17 2021 if the corona situation permits it. Otherwise, the conference might be moved to an online event. In that case, the conference will take place online in mid-July. The decision whether the conference will move online will be made before the final submission date, and will be announced accordingly.