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Kommende 5 dager

28 sep.
Woman, smiling, nice weather

Almaz Wasse (Kotebe University of Education) will give an open talk about multilingualism and patterns of language use in Gamo.

30 sep.
Tid og sted: 30. sep. 2022 14:0015:00, HW536

Camilo Rodriguez Ronderos, Postdoctoral fellow at IFIKK, presents findings from an experiment comparing children and adult's imprecise interpretations of adjectives.

Flere kommende arrangementer

Tid og sted: 7. okt. 2022 10:1511:15, MultiLing meeting room, HWH 421

Dorte Lønnsman (Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen) will present preliminary results from the project English and the Globalisation in Denmark: A Changing Sociolinguistic Landscape

Image of the painting "The treachery of images" by R. Magritte. A pipe on a brown background with the writing "ceci n'est pas une pipe."
Tid og sted: 13. okt. 2022 13:0014. okt. 2022 16:00, MultiLing

Colloquium A: Scrutinizing critical concepts and theoretical approaches in studying multilingualism

Tid og sted: 14. okt. 2022 14:0015:00, HW536

ILNs egen Hans-Olav Enger, professor i nordisk språk, forklarer hvorfor hypoteser om at visse skandinaviske særdrag skyldes samisk påvirkning, neppe holder vann.

Bildet kan inneholde: font, murverk, murstein, mønster, tre.
Tid og sted: 24. okt. 202228. okt. 2022, Iceland, Reykjavík, Stofnun Árna Magnussonar

This course offers a rare opportunity for you to develop your metrical skills.